26-year U.S. Army veteran opens Window Genie in Charleston

26-year U.S. Army veteran opens Window Genie in Charleston | Window Genie Franchise

Before he was a business owner, David Brigman served our country in the U.S. Army. “It was always my plan to open a business after retirement,” Brigman said. “The exit process for those of us retiring is great, they provide a lot of tools for you to pursue whatever career path you choose after service.” According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, about 15 million people are self-employed; that accounts for over 10 percent of working people today.

Brigman was introduced to Matt Thornton, franchise coach with The Entrepreneur’s Source. Together they were able to determine which business opportunities best fit Brigman’s strengths, weaknesses, interests and goals. Window Genie was in his top 3. Brigman says he ultimately chose Window Genie because, “multiple services mean multiple revenue streams, and the services I offer are in high demand in Charleston.”

Aside from how great Window Genie’s potential for success seemed on paper, Brigman also noted the company culture as a selling point. “No other franchise has the same focus on community service that Window Genie has. It’s important to me to find ways to plug my business into the community in a meaningful way, and knowing that Window Genie’s established Windows 4 Wishes program exists to encourage and assist each local franchise in giving back to their community really went a long way for me when making my decision.”

Brigman plans to align with the local Fisher House to offer free services and volunteer his time.

“I’m excited to be my own boss, but more excited that I’ve chosen a path that will help plug me into the community. I look forward to the relationships I build with community and business leaders as well as customers.”