3 Reasons You Should Be Retargeting Your Prospects for Your Home Services Franchise

3 Reasons You Should Be Retargeting Your Prospects for Your Home Services Franchise | DVW Franchise

In today’s digital age, it’s nearly impossible to avoid retargeted advertising. All social media users have seen that Amazon product they were just looking at pop up beside their Facebook newsfeed hours later.

These ads are everywhere, and there’s a good reason why companies use them – they work.

Retargeted advertising is an effective and affordable way to drive business. It can take many forms, from digital ads to phone calls.

At Dryer Vent Wizard, we retarget our past customers through our call center and digital ads in order to establish them as loyal clientele and boost business for our franchisees.

1. Pursue Proven-Interested Customers

The greatest benefit of retargeting is that you can market to exactly who you want. You know they’re a potential customer because they’ve visited your website or paid for your home service previously. These people are considered “warm prospects.”

Without retargeting campaigns, only five to ten percent of callers and website visitors actually convert into qualified leads or tangible business. Conversely, our call center converts nearly 90 percent of phone calls into booked appointments for local Dryer Vent Wizard franchises across the country.

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2. A More Cost-Effective Way to Market Your Business

Online marketing isn’t cheap. Companies often spend $9,000 to $10,000 a month on Google search ads. While this budget gives you significant control of where and when you place your ads, there’s still an inherent risk that many of the people who see the ads will have little serious interest in your service.

With retargeted ads, this risk is substantially reduced. And, so is the price.

For a fraction of the price, you can use retargeted ads and phone follow-ups with previous or proven-interested customers to increase the chances of securing a lead that drives business.

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3. Turnkey Solution for Franchisees

One of the benefits franchising offers business owners is a built-in, operating marketing model. By being part of a larger brand and business, franchisees don’t have to cover the cost of any corporate brand advertising.

With Dryer Vent Wizard’s call center, we’ve established a successful model for marketing that retargets previous customers for new business and builds loyalty.

Once a customer hires us for a service, they are entered into our Lifetime Reminder Program. This program is designed to generate repeat demand from customers that know the quality service Dryer Vent Wizard provides. It offers a 20 percent discount to members of the program on all future dryer vent cleanings, which our call center reminds them of every three to four years.

And, once these previous customers return, our Scheduling Center handles all appointments and logistics, allowing franchisees to save the money they’d otherwise have to spend on additional employees to run their phones and scheduling.

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From front office functions, such as fielding calls and booking appointments, to comprehensive marketing strategies, we provide Dryer Vent Wizard franchisees with turnkey solutions to foster success in every facet of their business.