3 Ways a CEO Can Bolster Better Employee Relations

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employees samuel-zeller-4138.jpgAs a CEO, you know that happy workers are productive workers. While there are plenty of factors that determine an employee’s job satisfaction, one of the biggest is employee relations between management and lower levels.  Are you doing enough?

Employees should feel like their boss is there for them, and that they want to help them succeed in their company. The more in touch you are with your workers, the more likely they are to return to higher productivity, less turnover, and better results.New Call-to-action

One study highlighted how interaction with employees inside a business improves productivity. The study found that for every one percent gained in time spent with someone in the firm, the company in return gained 1.23 percent in productivity. A study by Society for Human Resource Management discovered that 67 percent of employees found being treated equally was imperative for job satisfaction, and 45 percent reported management communication paramount.

3 Ways a CEO Can Bolster Better Employee Relations

  1. Send Weekly Correspondence to All Employees -- Not Just Management

All staff should be updated weekly on the company. You can send this on a designated day of the week, and let them know about important topics related to your business. Keeping everyone in the loop makes them feel like they are all part of the team; regardless of how little role they play.

  1. Host Town Hall Meetings with Staff Members

Town hall meetings are ideal for face-to-face discussions between employees and a CEO. The CEO hosts the meeting and takes questions, offers lectures, and create a two-way conversation that encourages employees to speak up and feel as though their opinions are heard.

  1. Try to Answer Employee Emails and Phone Calls

As a CEO, you are obviously busy. However, the less time you have to answer employee emails or phone calls, the less attention they feel they deserve. A good leader is one that serves their customers, but also communicates and helps employees with similar due diligence.

As a CEO, what tips can you share for boosting employee relations in 2017?