4 Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Staff

Featured image: thank you industrial.jpg - 4 Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Staff

thank you industrial.jpgHaving problems with retention? Many companies do.

Slowing the revolving door isn’t just about excellent recruitment — it’s about keeping your very best techs around, and that means showing them that you care.

Here are four great ways to reward your best workers for a job well done.

  1. Reward Your Best Employees with a Gift Card

It’s the little things that count. Even just recognizing that an employee went the extra mile can be a New Call-to-actionmeaningful reward all by itself. Even a $10 gift card to a local coffee shop will brighten the employee’s day and make them feel valued.

  1. If Service Calls Allow, Let a Tech Head Home Early

Even if it’s just a half day, giving a great employee a little time off after a job well done can show them that you care (and let them refuel — especially if their above-and-beyond work tired them out!).

For many employees, the most rewarding time off is when it’s unexpected, so if possible, make it a surprise.

  1. Include them in Decision Making and Inside Knowledge

Your most ambitious techs work for money, but they also work for recognition and respect. There are few better ways to demonstrate capability and recognition in the workplace than to include an employee in on a big decision or ask for their opinion. Taking it a step further, you could ask them to train another employee or head a meeting.

  1. Provide Challenges and Opportunities

Beyond decision making, you can explain why a tech’s work was so stellar, and then offer advancement opportunities as a result. These can include promotions or high-profile service calls.

Franchising: A Path to Your FutureThe most important thing to remember here is that these opportunities are optional; don’t frame it as something the employee is absolutely required to do, lest this reward turns into just another responsibility.

Showing a fantastic employee that you appreciate their work isn’t only a nice gesture, it might be the reason they stick around. Lack of appreciation is the biggest reason Americans leave their jobs, so to keep those incredible techs around, be ready to show gratitude!