5 Best Magazines for Entrepreneurs

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Print and online publications that cater to small business owners help motivate and educate the self-employed, helping with the ongoing professional development that is crucial for entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses.

Do you have favorite traditional magazines and online resources? Here our ours! Check out these magazines for small business owners; you may find just the resources you need to spark inspiration and drive growth for your company. 

We Recommend these Magazines for Business Owners:

  1. Harvard Business Review publishes a sleek, hard-copy magazine and online web edition that is highly regarded in entrepreneurial circles. From managing yourself and others to technology, project management and emotional intelligence, HBR is a magazine for business owners that’s worth a look.
  2. Baby Boomer Magazine’s “Boomer Businesses” section is filled with stories and insights for folks born between 1946 and 1964. A growing number of people in this demographic are delaying retirement and considering career changes. Many boomers are researching business options and learning about Social Security, health and other pertinent topics. This publication is one of the most useful magazines for small business owners of the baby boomer generation.

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  1. Entrepreneur.com has recently added a section for women business owners. For instance, there’s a piece titled “5 Reasons Why More Women Are Making the Choice to Become Franchisees.” The author writes that “for some women, starting a franchise is better than starting a business.”
  2. Success magazine is a favorite of many millennial small business owners who thrive on professional and personal development. Entrepreneurially-minded readers view regular contributors like leadership expert John Maxwell as mentors. Among the new generation of influencers are Mel Robbins—"the No. 1 Female Motivational Speaker in the World”—and sales professional Brendon Burchard. Both contribute regularly to Success as well.
  3. “Badassery” is a brand that publishes a magazine and online newsletter for emerging women entrepreneurs. “The global community of women living unapologetic lives” offers interviews and stories to inspire women to live with passion. Co-founders Samantha Parker and Kathy Rasmussen also co-host a podcast.

Time limitations are a concern for many franchisees. Magazines and online resources offer in-depth learning for busy professionals who may not have time to read entire books on a regular basis. Finding a good business or franchise magazine online puts current industry data and trends at your fingertips. What are you reading this summer?   

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