5 Reasons Why the ShelfGenie Franchise Is a Best-Bet Investment

5 Reasons Why the ShelfGenie Franchise Is a Best-Bet Investment | ShelfGenie

The top-rated home improvement franchise is a low-cost investment opportunity that boasts a proven business model, exceptional franchisee support and a product that changes lives



ShelfGenie’s Noble Purpose

ShelfGenie is a customized, Glide-Out shelving and organization solution franchise that has remodeled millions of cabinets in kitchens, pantries, bathrooms and garages since it began transforming spaces in 2007. The top-rated franchise has grown to 48 franchisees who serve 160 territories in the U.S. and Canada, and the brand is actively seeking savvy entrepreneurs who are passionate about the brand’s ability to transform spaces for ease of access and improved functionality as ShelfGenie continues to rapidly expand at home and abroad.

We have built our success on these key factors: 1) We offer customers a superior, personalized client experience and then deliver and install well-made, customized shelving products backed by a lifetime warranty; 2) Our experienced corporate teams are committed to providing franchisees with marketing, administrative and business support, plus training for designers and installers that allows franchisees to focus on growing their businesses; 3) Our proven business model is focused on scalability, flexibility and ease of management.

The ShelfGenie home improvement franchise offers a low-cost investment opportunity with a potential for high returns. For an initial investment starting at $70,100, franchisees get the backing and knowledge of a proven franchise system. We still have many attractive territories available, and the time to bring ShelfGenie to your community is now.

Below are five great reasons that ShelfGenie is a best-bet investment:

ShelfGenie is a top-rated and proven business model

As part of the $235 billion home remodeling industry, ShelfGenie solutions are high-quality, American-made shelves that appeal to American homeowners — especially baby boomers — who want to make their living areas more functional and easier to use.

ShelfGenie reported whopping double-digit retail sales growth for two consecutive years, and was named as one of America’s fastest-growing companies by Inc. magazine in 2014. Since then, the brand’s growth has only accelerated; ShelfGenie added nine new franchise owners and expanded into 21 new territories across North America in 2014, and the top-rated brand closed out 2015 with 14 new franchises sold to new owners. ShelfGenie kicked off 2016 by making Entrepreneur magazine’s Franchise 500 List for the sixth consecutive year, and most recently, was named a Top Franchise Opportunity for 2016 on Franchise Business Review’s prestigious annual list.

“We’ve developed a proven business model based on supporting our franchise owners in their day-to-day management of their ShelfGenie franchise businesses,” says Allan Young, Chief Executive Officer with ShelfGenie. “It’s very validating that our business model ranked as a best-bet investment by Entrepreneur and now Franchise Business Review for 2016. Our franchisees are extremely passionate about our ability to transform spaces so that our clients can have greater ease of access and improved functionality in the places they love. It is constantly gratifying to us as a franchisor that we can provide a business model that allows for scalability and success.”

ShelfGenie’s customized Glide-Out shelving solutions turn frustration into joy

Our ability to successfully create unique solutions for our rapidly growing client base is at the core of the ShelfGenie mission: We transform clients’ lives by designing and implementing custom home solutions that put everything within reach.

ShelfGenie’s services are of vitally important concern for baby boomers. The University of Vermont reports that the use of walking aids (canes, wheelchairs and scooters) “has increased by 50 percent in the past decade, according to a new study, and should continue to increase as the number of seniors is expected to double by 2050.” The millions of baby boomers who are preparing to live out their lives in their existing homes are actively seeking solutions that retain their value, as well as make their homes safer and more enjoyable to use as they age.

“ShelfGenie takes away the frustration and pain that comes from living in a home that’s inefficient and poorly designed and transforms that home into a functional space that is made for enjoyment and love,” says Gillian Harper, Chief Operating Officer with ShelfGenie. “That is what we focus on, and we are transforming the lives of our clients every day.”

Shelf-Genie’s exceptional ongoing training and support makes the top-rated home improvement franchise easy to run

With millions of homes now boasting ShelfGenie’s customized solutions, our proven business model has taken the “pain points” out of the equation; our franchisees can focus squarely on scaling their businesses.

This is how we do it:


ShelfGenie franchisees receive extensive training, including an eight-day course at ShelfGenie corporate headquarters in Atlanta, that details every aspect of the new business. After those eight days, our franchisees have been taught about the company’s history, philosophy, core values, expectations, technology systems, marketing plans and initiatives, advertising, management procedures, franchise reporting requirements, accounting and record keeping, client service and sales procedures, as well as our products and installation procedures. Once franchisees build their team, ShelfGenie provides intensive training for the team, as well — including a three-day session for product installers and a series of webinars for conceptual designers. Even after the sessions are complete, ShelfGenie makes our training platform computer accessible to our franchisees and their teams, meaning that they have all the information they need right on their computers.

Business owners need the best tools available to be successful and competitive. ShelfGenie has made significant investments in technology — including our proprietary WishPortal Business Management system — that makes owning and operating a ShelfGenie franchise as simple as possible. The ShelfGenie business support center in Atlanta schedules appointments with clients and conducts follow-up calls to ensure that the jobs were completed to standards.

ShelfGenie franchisees are supported by a fully integrated marketing platform that encompasses local and national markets. Franchisees pay into a national marketing fund, which includes a 1-800 number and initiatives to promote brand awareness, and they can pool their resources to run effective marketing campaigns in their local areas. Every marketing initiative is trackable, meaning that franchisees can monitor their return on investment. Franchisees also have a voice in which media marketing they use and how they use it. The marketing platform is a symbiotic relationship between the ShelfGenie corporate office and our franchisees.

Our business support center keeps our franchise owners on the road to success

ShelfGenie has a seasoned staff of salespeople and client service professionals in our business support center. This team of professionals at our home office in Atlanta provides our customized shelving franchise owners with multiple benefits that help win business and retain clients. The core benefits include: keeping our franchise owners organized, maintaining consistency in all client interactions, driving sales, following up with clients and ensuring a higher rate of positive experience with your business.



Supporting the ShelfGenie Franchise Owner

When Alan Regala began his ShelfGenie franchise in Seattle in 2011, he wasn’t sure how quickly he could grow his business. He soon realized the ceiling for growth is a lot higher than he ever imagined. His business grew quickly as more and more people reached out to him in need of his customized shelving solutions for storage and for easier access to their household items.

“There are multiple reasons I would tell people to look at ShelfGenie as a franchise option, but the business support center is high on the list,” Alan says. “The company itself provides an excellent client experience and a great service, but having the business support center to help franchisees keep track of their jobs, their clients’ level of satisfaction, as well as reminding franchisees of their upcoming jobs, has been a tremendous aid to growing my business. The business support center assists in the administrative duties, and with this support in place, ShelfGenie is designed to bring franchisees up quickly.”

ShelfGenie franchise owners love their businesses

To measure the success of any franchise system, look at its franchisees. Are they happy in their businesses? Are they passionate about their work? Are they profitable? Would they invest in the brand again?

ShelfGenie’s growing network of franchisees is overwhelmingly satisfied with the brand and with their businesses. Every quarter, ShelfGenie uses independent market research firm Franchise Business Review (FBR) to survey our franchisees to determine their level of satisfaction with their businesses and with the ShelfGenie brand overall.

FBR conducts more than 150,000 independent surveys of franchisees from more than 700 leading franchise brands across North America annually. The results are compiled into a ranking system called “FBR 50 Awards,” which lists the Top 50 franchise companies with the highest levels of overall franchisee satisfaction. Year in and year out, ShelfGenie is among the most elite brands.

ShelfGenie’s tremendous level of owner satisfaction is built on the strong culture of support and the visionary leadership of CEO Allan Young.

“We have a strong belief in our system and believe that people will love this business and do well,” Allan says. “The ShelfGenie culture was built by hiring high-performing employees to support the franchisees in their businesses and by franchising with owners who constantly motivate each other to be successful. We want to work with people who see the big picture. We don’t bring people on that we do not think are a good fit.”