Can I Add ShelfGenie To My Existing Franchise Business?

Can I Add ShelfGenie To My Existing Franchise Business? | ShelfGenie

Over the last 12 years, we have built a successful brand with ShelfGenie by relying on our concept for putting “everything within reach” in American kitchens, on our top-notch product quality, on the ease of installation of ShelfGenie, and on how well ShelfGenie works for our thousands of satisfied customers. But just as important as any of these other elements is the quality of the backbone of ShelfGenie: our franchise partners, who are some of the best small-business operators in the country.

In fact, ShelfGenie franchise partners are such good entrepreneurs that we want to share them with other franchise brands. We want nothing more than for our ShelfGenie franchisees to experience wild success with other franchise concepts in addition to our own, or to be able to build independent businesses alongside ours. We already have many ShelfGenie franchisees who own and operate other businesses, some franchised and some not.

If that seems like giving away the store to you, let me explain why encouraging ShelfGenie franchisees to diversify — and embracing those with other existing franchise relationships to add ShelfGenie — makes great sense both for us and for our franchise partners.

One of the biggest reasons we feel this way is that we fully support our franchise partners as business people and as individuals, and we want the best for them and their families. And in many cases, that means encouraging and even helping them to build businesses that are complementary to ShelfGenie.

We have indeed found that some of our most successful franchise partners are those who have already built other thriving businesses, either on their own or with other franchise concepts. Others have created success beginning with their ShelfGenie business. Either way, they are people who understand and can execute what it takes to be successful — the kind of people whom we want to rely on to continue and optimize ShelfGenie’s nationwide growth. If they’ve been able to prosper in another franchise system or as an independent business owner, that is a major indicator they could be a good fit for ShelfGenie.

Above all, at ShelfGenie we are seeking multi-unit, multi-brand franchise owners because they have a proven ability to build lucrative businesses. They are adept at networking, at developing leads and securing contracts — a skill set that nicely translates into any franchise, including ShelfGenie.

We also find that ShelfGenie is a great fit conceptually and operationally with other types of home improvement franchise businesses. Plus, the combination of businesses can help our franchise partners be more successful overall. They may already have overhead in place, including a team of designers and installers, that they can stretch over more than one operation, making each business more cost-efficient. Cross-training the same teams across multiple brands can be very cost-effective. ShelfGenie can also work nicely with other franchise businesses because there is no fixed payroll, no inventory component, and it is a highly scalable operation.

The best complements to a ShelfGenie franchise include other home-service brands such as closet design and installation concepts, house cleaners, painters and floorcovering brands, or even outdoor home-service franchises. These types of concepts open doors to opportunistic and effective cross-selling for complementary brands. Especially to homeowners looking for a variety of services to improve or upgrade several aspects of their dwelling at once.

So, if you’re ready to take your success to the next level by adding a complementary concept to your existing home-service business, consider talking with us at ShelfGenie. We can build our futures together.