Connection with Neighborly Gives Real Property Management Franchises an Edge

Connection with Neighborly Gives Real Property Management Franchises an Edge | Sales

The Real Property Management franchise opportunity is distinctly competitive thanks in part to the organization’s connection with Neighborly. As a national organization, Real Property Management can offer regional franchise offices access to corporate resources and support that few other property management businesses can match. But the advantages of a Real Property Management franchise don’t end there. As part of Neighborly’s network of home service brands, Real Property Management offers franchisees a truly innovative approach to vendor operations.

As the world’s largest parent company of home service brands, Neighborly’s 22 brands and nearly 3,700 franchise owners span 9 countries. Formerly the Dwyer Group, Neighborly is led by current CEO Mike Bidwell and former CEO Dina Dwyer-Owens, who now serves as Brand Ambassador and Board of Directors Member. The concept for a company focused on the home services industry arose from founder Don Dwyer’s vision for quality franchise business opportunities, one that would encourage mutually beneficial cooperation among top national brands. Dwyer’s goal was to help elevate the franchise as the best route to business ownership for entrepreneurs while creating a one-stop shop for a nationwide clientele.

By all accounts, that is just what Neighborly has managed to achieve. Through the customer site the public can access all of Neighborly’s brands, spanning home improvement, appliance repair, cleaning, and property management services. Neighborly is selective in the brands allowed in to their family. They understand that when the public is searching for a home service provider, they want a quality company and representative crossing the threshold of their home. In turn, the brands then attracts like minded, values driven potential franchisees who are searching for a business opportunity.

One of Neighborly’s brands with excellent potential for franchisees is Real Property Management. Property management is an expanding industry, one that offers a lucrative stability unmatched by many other franchises. But that doesn’t mean that franchisees don’t need a competitive edge, particularly when moving into a new market. That is where Real Property Management’s connection with Neighborly comes into play.

As a subsidiary of Neighborly, Real Property Management has industry connections that give our franchise owners a competitive edge. In any given region, franchise locations from all of Neighborly’s brands have the ability to form local partnerships, creating a network of quality franchise services for their clients. Quality service vendors are the key to cost-effective and quality property maintenance and repair, but finding reliable contractors and service providers can be difficult. That is, unless you have the kind of relationship with other service providers that being a Neighborly subsidiary provides. With preferred pricing and a mutually beneficial relationship, each of Neighborly’s franchisees helps each other to succeed in their local markets.Married couple in front of a house.

Today’s investors are looking for home service companies who can offer them both professional, high-quality service as well as technology-based conveniences. A local office that can provide both through connections to their franchise organization and parent company offers a strong incentive to choose them over the competition.

For all of these reasons, it’s easy to see the benefits of being one of Neighborly’s home service brands – and why franchising is the best way to tap into the potential of the property management industry. Real Property Management franchisees start from day one with a clear competitive edge, making a Real Property Management franchise one of the best opportunities around.