The Digital Difference in our Marketing | Real Property Management

Internet Marketing Property management businessJust 10 years ago, a property management office could grow quickly and easily with only referrals.  Not anymore!

Today, more than two-thirds of property owners use the Internet to find and evaluate property managers before contacting them – even if a referral was given by someone they know.  This means a property management office must be visible online.  An office must have:

  • A website with well written, rich content and intuitive navigation
  • Basic social media sites with regular updates
  • Paid search or pay-per-click advertising targeted to property owners in their service area
  • Accurate listings in major directories such as WhitePages,, Yelp and dozens of others
  • Positive online reviews
  • Professional replies to negative online reviews

Few property managers have the knowledge, contacts, or time to navigate the complexities of getting great Internet presence.   You must rely on experts who know what they are doing.  And unfortunately, there are thousands of incompetent or disreputable search engine marketing (SEM) providers who claim they know how but do not deliver quality services. If you lack the knowledge of what an SEM provider should produce, then you are unable to evaluate their effectiveness or ROI.  This presents a huge challenge to property managers who want to grow their business using online marketing.

To grow your property management business requires a team of digital marketing experts whose success is tied to yours. Imagine a support group focused on the property management industry with knowledge of best practices.  Imagine a support group with access to some of the best agencies and consultants in the world and the resources to hire them.  Access to this type of support exists.  Join our free webinar to learn more.


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