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Digital Marketing Services Unavailable Elsewhere | Sales

In a tech-savvy world, staying on top of digital marketing trends is essential to business success. This is why Real Property Management offers our franchisees customized digital marketing services not found anywhere else. Through our franchise support services and unique Online Results program, Real Property Management franchise owners can ensure that they have a quality online presence that will enhance their other marketing and public relations efforts.Woman pointing at laptop

Businesses today need web pages and social media profiles to stay relevant and visible, and franchises are no different. But quality digital marketing services can be expensive and hard to find. Many of the agencies currently advertising their services do not understand the property management industry, resulting in messaging that does not communicate effectively with a business’s target audience. What is more, it can be time-consuming to negotiate with content creators who may need to revise their requested materials repeatedly before meeting the specifications.

Recognizing a need for quality digital marketing services, the leadership at Real Property Management developed an in-house program called Online Results designed specifically for Real Property Management franchise owners. The Online Result program offers comprehensive digital marketing services for property management franchisees at a cost well below market rates. But perhaps the best part of the Online Results program is that it is produced by experts in the property management industry. With the help of a team of full-time and virtual marketing professionals, the Online Results program is produced by and for Real Property Management professionals, creating high-quality digital marketing unlike anything found elsewhere.

The Online Results program adds to the basic Franchise Support offered to each Real Property Management franchisee. It is designed to help franchise owners create and maintain a strong online presence. For example, Online Results services will create and add new content to an office’s web page while optimizing the website for search engines (SEO), such as Google. This content offers quality information and helpful advice, and is an important part of building a good rapport with current and potential clients alike.Laptop showing Google Analytics

Online Results also includes creating curated social media posts multiple times a week, as well as sharing links to blog content on a range of social media platforms. Based on the desired service level, franchisees can also have a dedicated representative respond to social media posts, comments, and questions, adding an interactive component to their marketing efforts. In an age when consumers spend a large percentage of every day online, the value of such responsiveness cannot be overstated.

In addition to creating and posting content online and on social media, the Online Results program also offers franchise owners monthly online traffic reports and a quarterly phone review. Tracking and measuring activity on an office’s website and social media accounts is a critical part of digital marketing success, as is providing feedback to content providers about what is and is not working. Both of these components can help our franchisees to further customize materials for a franchise’s target audience and ensure that their digital marketing efforts are as effective as possible.

Creating and maintaining a quality online presence isn’t always an easy task for busy business owners, but Real Property Management’s Online Results program is designed to change that. Our franchisees have access to low-cost digital marketing services unavailable elsewhere, making online visibility a stress-free part of running a business.