Dryer Vent Wizard Franchisees Give Back through the Children’s Burn Foundation

Dryer Vent Wizard Franchisees Give Back through the Children’s Burn Foundation | DVW Franchise

You wouldn’t expect that dryer vents are one of the main culprits behind house fires. But, according to the U.S. Fire Administration, poorly maintained or clogged dryer vents are actually the leading cause of appliance fires. Unkempt dryer vents start an estimated 15,000 house fires per year – and those are just the reported ones. Luckily, they can be easily prevented with regular cleanings and up-to-code equipment.

The most important job any Dryer Vent Wizard owner has is preventing these fires by scheduling cleanings and educating homeowners on the very real risk of dryer vent fires.

Still, there are unfortunately many people affected by fires – whether it’s in the home or elsewhere – and the emotional, physical and financial effects of surviving a fire can be significant.

Since our business is built on preventing home fires and keeping families safe, it’s only natural that we work to help those who have had first-hand experience with these tragedies. That’s why the Children’s Burn Foundation (CBF) is a charity that’s so near and dear to our hearts.

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What is the Children’s Burn Foundation?

The Children’s Burn Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides access to medical and psychological treatment for children suffering in the aftermath of a fire. These children come from all over the world, and have suffered burns and other injuries from a myriad of different fire-related accidents.

The CBF founders—a plastic surgeon and burn specialist and a concerned child advocate and actor—experienced firsthand the devastating effect of fires and burn-related injuries on children, and they teamed up to make a difference in these children’s lives. The foundation provides:

  • Medical treatment
  • Emergency family assistance
  • Survivor and family camps
  • Counseling
  • Teen support program
  • Prevention and education programsGroup of childern

These initiatives reach more than 50,000 children and families annually. We’ve been working with the CBF for six years and are committed to supporting the Foundation in a meaningful way for these children. Being able to give back through fire prevention education to such a deserving cause enriches franchisees entrepreneurial spirits and benefits so many children.

How Dryer Vent Wizard Helps

We’re thrilled about our lasting relationship with the Children’s Burn Foundation and the shared goal of preventing fires. Each October, which is also National Fire Prevention Month, Dryer Vent Wizard franchisees throughout the country participate in a fundraising drive and raising awareness. They attend open houses at local fire departments and all work towards the annual CBF fundraiser. Many franchisees also contribute a portion of their profits to the charity throughout the month.

In 2018 alone, Dryer Vent Wizard has raised $22,000 to benefit CBF. Along with the National Fire Prevention Month participation, we’ve also hosted bottle drives at the home office and participated in events like local Tough Mudder races, allowing franchisees to get involved and raise money. These unique opportunities help get the whole brand—from the corporate team to franchisees—involved in a cause that’s closely intertwined with our work.

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While we’re committed to keeping customers’ homes safe from fire through our services, it’s also part of our mission as members of the communities across the country to do what we can to keep our neighbors safe. Raising fire prevention awareness and fundraising for the Children’s Burn Foundation are two great ways to do just that.

Over the past six years, we’ve donated a total of nearly $86,000 to the Children’s Burn Foundation, and we’re excited to keep the relationship strong.