Growing your ShelfGenie franchise

Growing your ShelfGenie franchise - ShelfGenie franchise assistance

Built-in ShelfGenie franchise assistance will help you ramp up your business more quickly

Running your own business is hard work. Growing your own business may be even harder. You’ve got to have capital, which often means outside investors, and you need to have your systems nailed down to ensure you can focus on the big picture rather than the small details. The challenges faced by independent operators are one reason entrepreneurs turn to experienced franchisors like ShelfGenie. ShelfGenie franchise assistance means more than just token phone calls offering moral support.

As an experienced franchisor, ShelfGenie offers the stability, security and proven systems to help you ramp up, break even and scale your business more quickly. Here’s how:

The timing of teamwork

“If you are still spending most of your time working ‘in’ your business, rather than ‘on’ your business, then you are not yet ready to scale,” writes Martin Zwilling, a Forbes contributor.

ShelfGenie, however, has training programs in place so you can hire a designer and an installer on an outsource basis, allowing you to spend more time marketing and growing your business. With two or more contract players, you are freed up to oversee the big picture.

Rely on ShelfGenie’s resources

While independent operators have to consider large marketing budgets and attracting investors to help them grow to the next level, ShelfGenie offers a lot of advantages as a franchise. As a franchise owner, you already contribute to a marketing and advertising fund. Our group buying power provides much more bang for your buck when it comes to national, regional and local multimedia ad campaigns.

We also provide regular coaching from franchise business experts who can advise you on things like proper cash flow and how to best use your time when you’re juggling more than one business.

Let our systems do the work

The reason we’ve been a successful franchisor since 2007 is because we developed the systems and processes that make up a guideline our franchisees can follow. We teach you how to measure cabinets for a customized storage solution, how to work with the client to produce a pleasing design, how to convey the measurements for a product that will perform optimally and how to install the final product.

A franchisor lives and dies by the success of its processes. We’ve been doing this for 10 years and are present in 160 territories across the U.S. and Canada, so that tells you a lot about how well our franchise system works. Ultimately, that’s what will propel you toward becoming a multi-unit owner.

Low overhead means you can work from home and don’t have to manage inventory in a warehouse. Being able to hire a team lets you work more efficiently on your business rather than in it. And relying on ShelfGenie franchise support resources, from business coaching to proven business systems, is a huge game-changer all on its own.

Be your own boss

You may have always dreamed of being an entrepreneur. ShelfGenie can help you take that dream one step further. We have many optimum territories available for qualified buyers. Please fill out the no-obligation form on this page to start a conversation.