How to Start an Electrical Business

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If you’re an electrician, chances are, you’ve thought about being your own boss. After all, the surging construction industry and economic growth are pushing the electrical services market above $171 billion, and you want a slice.

Fortunately, learning how to start your own electrical business may be easier than you think.

Electrical Services and Business Regulations

Naturally, electrical service is a highly regulated industry. Therefore, starting your own business means you will have to not only register your business but acquire necessary licenses, permits, and insurance. Liability insurance is a must in the electrical industry, and you will need to cover yourself, your equipment, technicians, and clients.

As a business owner, you will not only need to think about your own operating certifications, but those of your employees and technicians. Depending on the level of work, ensure your electricians have the proper licenses, including Electrical Installation Certificates (EICs), Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificates (MEIWCs), and more. After you’ve worked through these details, continue to the next steps to see how to start an electrical business.

Identify Your Services, Market, and Leads

For any new company, drafting the business model is one of the most important steps of the entire process. This blueprint will help you identify (and stick to) your chosen services, market, budget, pricing, labor, and more.

Residential services represent an excellent revenue stream for electrical contractors, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop there. Commercial clients and organizations such as remodeling or construction companies are also excellent sources for high-paying leads.

Perhaps you want to specialize in eco-friendly services such as EV station installation or photovoltaic systems, or maybe there’s a gap in quality electrical services in your locality you wish to fill. Identify these early, and use them to decide on your market — and how to reach them.

Electrician Franchise Opportunities and Business Success: Discover Mr. Electric

For some, transitioning from an electrician to a business owner requires learning a new set of skills. Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone. One of the best resources for support is a franchise, which will help you take your invaluable industry experience and turn it into business success by supplementing your company where it needs it most. But you’ll need to choose a supportive, trustworthy franchisor. 

A nationally recognized leader in electrical services and a proud Neighborly brand, Mr. Electric has helped hundreds of franchisees find success with support in business operations such as marketing, networking, budgeting, and much more.

Neighborly can help you decide how to start an electrical business. To learn more about how Mr. Electric can make your dreams of owning your own electrical services business come true, contact a franchise developer today or call 833.439.0315.

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