Is a Franchise or a New Venture Right for Me?

Is a Franchise or a New Venture Right for Me? | DVW Franchise

When you made your New Year’s Resolutions earlier this month, was one of them to open your own business? If so, you are in great company because more than 28 million small businesses exist in the U.S.,  with undoubtedly more on the way this year.

Some of those 28 million are businesses their founders started from scratch and some are franchises. Which is the best way to go? The benefits of business ownership are many, yet franchises and start-from-scratch enterprises both have their upsides and pitfalls.

We offer entrepreneurs the chance to own a home services franchise..

so we’d be a tad disingenuous if we even tried to be “balanced” when we talked about the pros and cons of each. So we’ll go full gusto and say this:

Of course you should purchase a franchise instead of starting a new venture! There are just SO MANY benefits to franchise ownership!

Here are just a few:

1. Franchises are safer.

Purchase a cleaning franchise such as Dryer Vent Wizard and you’ll be able to follow the proven processes, procedures, marketing strategies, and business concept we’ve already honed to pretty much perfection. Our business model – in which our franchisees remove highly flammable lint from the clothes dryers in businesses and homes – is such that you’ll be working out of your home office and servicing your customers with a fully equipped van (provided as part of your franchise fee). It’s a proven and highly successful home services franchise model.

What’s more, the very fact that we are offering our dryer vent cleaning business as a franchise speaks loudly as to why purchasing a franchise is better: all the problems, ticks and challenges have been removed. All you have to do is follow our successful operations model and you will be well on your way to running a successful business.

2. It’s easier to get a business loan for a franchise.

Lenders tend to look at franchises as established businesses (even though your cleaning franchise will be new) and you’ll be able to hitch your franchise onto the franchisor’s success.

In fact, purchase one of our franchises and you may not even have to apply for a loan: our low-overhead franchises are one of the most affordable on the market: you could start one in the U.S. for between $60,000 and $79,000.

3. You’ll be in business FOR yourself, but not BY yourself.

Yes, you may be starting your business with a partner and/or spouse. But when you start a new venture, you start everything from scratch. You will need to find mentors/advisors, accountants, marketers, and so on. What’s more, chances are good that you’re going to make mistakes that you wouldn’t make if you purchased a franchise.

Our Expertise

Purchasing a Dryer Vent Wizard means you’ll be able to rely on our expertise honed from building not only this franchise, but another, extremely successful franchise, Mr. Handyman. We also help you schedule your cleaning appointments via our centralized scheduling center, allowing you to focus on servicing your customers rather than having to answer the phone.

In a nutshell, purchasing a franchise allows you to enjoy the benefits of business ownership more quickly than if you were to start a business from the ground up.