Level Up Your Landscaping Business with The Grounds Guys

Level Up Your Landscaping Business with The Grounds Guys

Many lawncare and landscaping business owners understand the demands of the industry and they work extremely hard – often sunup to sundown. Their professional background and technical knowledge often help them get by in their business, but many times their hard work does not result in the payoff they had hoped for. While they may have a thriving customer base, a lack of systems, support and guidance can prohibit them from effectively growing their business and enjoying the lifestyle they hoped for when they started their business.

As part of Neighborly, the world’s top family of home service franchise brands, The Grounds Guys stands to offer these entrepreneurs a better way with proven systems, technology, dedicated coaching, resources and support.

Take Daniel Leggett of The Grounds Guys® of Mobile, Alabama. Prior to joining The Grounds Guys system, his landscape business kept him on the run so much that he barely had time for anything else. Like many other existing landscape small business owners, Daniel chose The Grounds Guys brand because he wanted coaching and systems to help grow his business and enjoy a better quality of life – or as he puts it, he wanted to “work on the business, instead of working in the business.”

We (virtually) sat down with Daniel to talk more about what The Grounds Guys has to offer existing landscape business owners like him.


Thanks for joining us, Daniel! You have been working in the landscaping industry for 16 years. What was business like before you joined The Grounds Guys franchise network? 

It was very busy! I was working all of the time and had almost no free time or family time. Now that I am with The Grounds Guys, I am getting dedicated support and guidance from my franchise business coach who has helped me work towards specific goals and growing my business instead of just working in the business for a paycheck. I am seeing better ways of doing my everyday tasks and how to put the right people in place to help free up my time for more productive tasks. I’m also starting to experience more family time every week and cannot wait to see what my business will look like in the months ahead.


Why did you choose to convert your existing business into The Grounds Guys?

I knew there had to be a better and more productive way of doing things than I had been doing them. I joined The Grounds Guys so they could help me to better structure my business for faster growth, get systems in place to make it easier on me and to become part of something bigger than just a small business. Working with my franchise business coach, I’ve started to staff new positions and implement systems and am seeing a lot of positive changes fast. I can see myself accomplishing my goals faster than I could on my own and how it’s going to change my family and my life for the better.The Grounds Guys truck

How have you benefited from being a part of The Grounds Guys franchise system and the Neighborly family? What do you like most about it?

I’ve only been a franchise owner for a few months, but I have already learned so much! I have a better concept of how my business is doing thanks to my franchise-specific software. I now know my everyday operating costs and profit margins on every job. I really like how The Grounds Guys teaches you how to set goals and helps you to work towards your goals instead of just working. I am more confident now when bidding jobs, and I like that if I ever have a question about anything in the field or with the business side of things that I am always able to get an answer from my franchise business coach or another franchise owner.


What advice would you give to independent landscape business owners who are considering converting to The Grounds Guys?

I would tell an independent business owner that while franchising is not for everyone, it was the right decision for me and my business. If you think that buying a franchise is a way to make money without having to work as hard, you are completely wrong. After purchasing my franchise, I worked harder than ever while I got the new systems and software in place. Working closely with my franchise business coach, I can see how these systems will help me become more successful than I ever would have on my own because I no longer have to do things by trial and error. Buying a franchise does not guarantee that you will get jobs and make money. It is up to you how successful you make your business. But all that hard work really pays off. I am starting to see life getting easier every week.

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As one of our newest and motivated franchise owners, Daniel is already starting to experience all the great benefits, support and coaching that comes with converting an existing landscaping business to The Grounds Guys. No doubt his hard work will help him realize not only his professional goals, but will ultimately give him more time for himself and his family.

Interested in growing your existing landscaping business? Visit our site for more information about The Grounds Guys opportunity.