The Mosquito Joe Million Dollar Club: Kurt and Melissa Godwin

The Mosquito Joe Million Dollar Club: Kurt and Melissa Godwin
Mosquito Joe Million Dollar Club

2016 was the first year that some of our franchise owners made $1 million dollars or more in gross revenue.  As we like to say, they joined The Million Dollar Club. This was not only a big milestone for the Mosquito Joe franchise as a whole, but it was a tremendous victory for these business owners and the hard work they put in each and every day. Reaching the million dollar mark is an amazing achievement, one that has continued into 2017.

The Million Dollar Club

We could talk all day about what it takes to join this club, but who better to describe their journeys than the members themselves? Our blog series, The Mosquito Joe Million Dollar Club, visits with different franchise owners to talk about their franchising story. This week, we talked with Kurt and Melissa Godwin, Owners of Baltimore-Annapolis. Kurt and Melissa were some of our first franchise partners, joining Mosquito Joe in 2013. They currently own 6 territories and are completing their second year as members of The Million Dollar Club. Check out our conversation with them below!

Why did you start looking into franchising, and why did you ultimately choose Mosquito Joe?

Million Dollar Club

We didn’t want to go it alone in business. We chose Mosquito Joe because we liked the product, we liked the branding, and we liked the corporate team that introduced us to the concept. We also liked that the business framework was set up and ready to go on day one.

What do you enjoy most about being a franchise owner?

We like being our own bosses and being in control of our destiny. Our decisions determine our success. But, we also very much enjoy employing other people and giving hard working people opportunities and chances for success that they may not have gotten other places.

Who are the primary employees in your business and how do they contribute to your success?

We have an office manager, a routing specialist, a tech ops manager, and 22 technicians. All serve vital parts of our business. Our office manager keeps the office staff organized and pointing in the right direction as well as motivated. Our routing specialist helps keep all our trucks moving, and organized as efficiently as possible. And our technicians, of course, are the face of the business in the field and critical to our success.

Describe your current business operation: how many employees, how many trucks, how many territories?

We are operating six territories with 11 MoJo vans. We have six full time employees and 22 part time employees.

What is one piece of advice you would offer to first year Mosquito Joe franchisees?

Don’t underestimate the amount of hard work required during the busy season. Make sure you have a partner or spouse who can either help or at least understand what demands will be required during the busy season. Plus, realize that in dealing with the public, there will always be difficult people. Do not let the 10% of people who complain let you forget about the 90% that are happy with the service. Respond to problems, but don’t let it bog you down emotionally.

What is one piece of advice you would offer to someone just beginning their search for a franchise opportunity?

Make sure to find the opportunity, the model, and the mindset that works for you. You need to be happy about what you’re doing and be passionate about the success.

How did you feel becoming a member of the Million Dollar Club?

Melissa and I were both ecstatic. Hitting a goal like the Million Dollar Club was a great milestone on the way to creating a great and successful business that will continue to thrive as it grows. I think it also validates the MoJo concept and helps us to mentor others that are new. I also believe the recognition of those who have made it helps to motivate others for higher performance.

Where do you see your Mosquito Joe business in the next 2-3 years?

We would like to continue growing our 6 territories and anticipate revenue in excess of $3 million operating 16-18 trucks, with a resultant increase in personnel, creating more employment opportunities for new people as well as advancement for our current and loyal employees.