Mothers of Mosquito Joe

Mothers of Mosquito Joe | Franchise Opportunity

In honor of Mother’s Day, we asked a couple of the many dynamic mothers of Mosquito Joe to buzz in on what business ownership means to them. Women represent a growing number of new business owners and mothers are a large part of that number. Mosquito Joe is fortunate to have so many awesome women dedicated to taking control of their careers and making outside fun again. Here’s what they had to share:


Owners of Mosquito Joe of Northwest Houston

Kate Gould – Mosquito Joe of Northwest Houston & S. Brazos Valley

Opened 2015

The pros to owning my own business are that I don’t have to worry about early morning daycare while I grapple with rush hour traffic to make it to my office. I am my office. I can work around the kids’ schedule and this allows me the freedom to take them to school, participate in school events, and always be a phone call away if they are sick or need to come home. As we grow in size and have folks in the office managing the day to day calls, I have more freedom to participate in family activities. College and high school graduation happens for two of my kids this month, and I will be able to travel to both ceremonies without taking vacation time away from myself.

As my kids grow older, I am also able to offer them employment in the office. They have the ability to have a summer job that pays them well, where they can learn about what I do and what it takes to run a business. This, for me, is probably the greatest bonus to running my own business. My kids really get a taste of the real world and an understanding of what it takes to be successful. I’m about to watch my eldest graduate with a bachelors in entomology, and she and I often help one another with bug identification or mosquito questions.

The biggest take away for me is that I am doing far more than earning a paycheck. I’m building a business one of them might want one day, and if they don’t, I’m creating a retirement vehicle for myself that will afford me all the time I need when it comes time for grandkids. Building a future for myself and my family is something I can’t put a price on. Showing my kids that you can be a mom, be involved, grow and manage a company is pretty huge. Especially, I think, for my girls. I much prefer proving that you can do anything you set your mind to, rather than just telling my kids they can!


Beth Sehlhorst – Mosquito Joe of East Cincinnati

Opened 2014

Owning my own business means setting an example and letting my kids be involved in the day to day. This gives them an opportunity to celebrate successes and work through challenges with me. Flexibility in my schedule to take care of little ones and working from home is nice too.

Mosquito Joe has positive ethics and moral values and a concept that relates to giving back. The business also allows us to spend time with our family and have more of a work-life balance. Having children of our own, we saw the business opportunity would not only benefit us, but could also help other families.

Owning a franchise with Mosquito Joe provides parents the flexibility to manage their business and to manage their home without missing a step.