New Jersey Dryer Vent Wizard Named Franchise Dictionary Magazine’s Franchise of the Month!

New Jersey Dryer Vent Wizard Named Franchise Dictionary Magazine's Franchise of the Month! | DVW Franchise
After losing his corporate job in 2013, Bellis spent six months looking for another one before he was finally employed again. “It was a really scary time,” says Bellis, “and to make things worse, my wife, Cathy lost her job that same year right before Christmas.” Bellis knew he had to find a “Plan B.” That’s when he began to consider home-based franchising. He did a lot of research and eventually hired a franchise consultant to help him and his wife make the right choice for him and his family. Bellis had an idealistic wish list:
  1. To have a family business that could grow
  2. To own a business his wife and children could manage
  3. To make a profit
  4. To do something that would make a difference in other people’s lives

“We wanted to do something for the community that would also allow us to do well for ourselves,”… Read full article: