If you are feeling overwhelmed at work and dreaming of a career change, you’re not alone. As the statistics show, it can take a little trial and error to find the right career path. In fact, the average person will have as many as 12 different jobs by the age of 50. So how do you know when it’s time to change careers? One big sign is that you constantly feel overwhelmed. There are many reasons why you may be feeling overwhelmed at work. It doesn’t mean that you are not a skilled, capable person. Rather, there may be deeper job-related issues at play, leading to feelings of dissatisfaction or unhappiness. Let’s take a closer look at what some of those issues are and why now might be the right time to go into business for yourself.


Issue 1: You feel drained, worn out, and utterly exhausted.

If your job is so demanding that you find yourself constantly stressed, you may quickly start to feel overwhelmed. Working for a paycheck can be motivating up to a point, but if you are under too much pressure, no amount of money may feel like enough.

Solution: If working for demanding bosses has you feeling stressed and overwhelmed, it might be a good time to make a change.

Studies show that people who go into business for themselves report higher levels of job satisfaction. It’s not hard to see why. Building a successful small business can be incredibly rewarding. This is especially true if you choose to franchise with one of the Neighborly® brands. We offer a team of experts dedicated to helping you with every aspect of your new business.


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Issue 2: You are not using your skills and talents effectively in your current job.

Another reason why you may be feeling overwhelmed is that your job has you completing tasks or taking on responsibilities you don’t like or that aren’t a good fit. Maybe your work is limiting your ability to be creative and effective. Or perhaps you have been given responsibilities that lie outside of your interests or skill set.

Solution: To find the best fit, it’s important to choose a business that best utilizes your talents and skills.

Perhaps even more than that, the most fulfilling careers offer opportunities for both financial and personal growth. For example, Neighborly brand franchise owners have different strengths, talents and backgrounds, but all of them share characteristics like intelligence, adaptability, financial aptitude, and a willingness to learn.


Issue 3: Your job is wreaking havoc on your personal life.

Has the boundary between your work and your life become blurred? If you find yourself unable to disconnect from your job at the end of the day, you may easily begin to feel overwhelmed. If you can’t find a way to separate work and your personal life, you may find that both begin to suffer negative consequences.

Solution: Creating a good balance between your work and personal life is a big part of a fulfilling career.

Many franchise owners discover that becoming your own boss is a great way to achieve true work/life balance. By owning a business that fits your skills and financial goals, you may find it easy to feel rejuvenated every morning.


Issue 4: You don’t feel valued for your contributions.

It’s hard to stay in a job where your efforts go unrecognized, or where you don’t feel like you make a difference. Over time, your desire to do a good job may even diminish. If that happens, and you feel your work has no impact, chances are that the stress and anxiety of your work will no longer feel worth the effort.

Solution: Few careers offer more opportunities to make a real impact than owning a business.

Not only can you secure a good future for your family, you will be creating new jobs. Business owners can also have a big impact on their communities. In the past few months, Neighborly brand franchise owners across the country have made a big difference by donating meals, collecting supplies for healthcare workers, checking in on vulnerable community members, and much more.


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If the time has come for a new career, but you aren’t quite sure which one is right for you, consider the benefits of going into business for yourself – but not by yourself! - with Neighborly. With a range of different Neighborly brands and unique franchise opportunities to choose from, you may just find that a successful career as a business owner is your next best move. To learn more, please visit our Neighborly brands website or call (800) 700-0022 to speak directly to a franchise advisor.


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