Partnerships are Key for Small Businesses

Partnerships are Key for Small Businesses - Mosquito Joe Franchise

July is National Parks and Recreation Month, and it got us thinking about all of the little league fields, playgrounds, and dog parks our franchisees service to keep mosquito free for their patrons. These partnerships are key for Mosquito Joe for many reasons. Our goal is to make outside fun again.  Through partnerships such as these we’re able to do that for more people, while also showcasing our services to generate more business. When we treat that little league field, we want the families attending practices and games to remember Mosquito Joe when they’re home and need mosquito control service. These kinds of relationships are vital to building business year over year.

We want to highlight why partnerships are so important to all entrepreneurs and small business owners. Starting a business takes a lot of drive and time. It’s good to have a network of friends and associates to keep you going and keep you inspired.  Networking, whether through business associations or other means, is a very cost effective way for small businesses to garner up referrals and new sales.


When you join a networking organization and attend meetings, you can be assured that within this particular group there will be some people who have already been where you are today. It might not be the same industry, but it does provide you with an opportunity to chat about the experience with others who have been in your shoes. You can take note of their accomplishments and even learn from their mistakes.


The more you talk about your business, the more comfortable you become. That is especially true with people you don’t know. This can be an important part of your business growth and development as an owner. Sure, it can be a bit nerve wracking but just keep in mind what made you sign that agreement in the first place. Where did your passion come from? Draw on that, and it will be easy for others to see why you love what you do.


One of the biggest returns you can get from networking is that people will start to recognize you. The more you attend business and social events,  the more people will becoming familiar with and remember your business. They’ll remember you as a supportive and knowledgeable part of the community. Attend meetings as often as you can, hand out business cards, and get involved. Many associations and groups have boards and committees to which you can lend your strengths.


Of course, the main reason we network is for business or referrals. Referrals mean nothing if you’re not acting on them. Make that phone call or send the email with the information you said you would. If you happen to see this person at another event, be sure you’ve paid attention to their business as well. Was there a recent news article about them? Mention it! Was there an event they sponsored? Be sure to give them a pat on the back. You should also be generous about sharing referrals for them (with non competitors, of course).  They’ll remember that you helped them, and who doesn’t love feeling good about helping someone?