Pest Control Industry Update

Pest Control Industry Update | Mosquito Joe Franchises

At Mosquito Joe, we pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of our field. This has allowed us to expand our brand and grow as a company. Here are some of the exciting things happening in our industry that have contributed to our success!

Growth Possibilities

The pest control industry has experienced a high growth rate recently and is anticipating even more in the months to come! Currently, the industry is expected to see 2.6% in growth from $13.4 billion to $15.3 billion by 2022. This is due to the rising amount of consumer awareness about the potential health risks of mosquitoes and other pesky pests. Here at Mosquito Joe, we’re invested in educating consumers on the importance of mosquito control and the steps they can take to prevent insect-borne diseases.

Recurring Revenue

One of the major advantages of the pest control industry is that it functions on a recurring revenue model. According to current statistics, the number of recurring customers is growing rapidly. Because Mosquito Joe markets our services as something that works best when done on a regular basis, this encourages customers to schedule their services in advance, which can ensure guaranteed revenue. Customers can also utilize pre-pay options which can ensure cash flow on the front end and guarantee income during the off-season for many seasonal business owners. These funds can be allocated toward marketing efforts or business expenses. Both options are great for franchisees.

Long-Term Customers

Pests are viewed by most homeowners as a nuisance, resulting in the willingness to do what is necessary to get the problem under control. After experiencing the benefits of the service, customers are likely to return for multiple seasons.

While pest control is typically seen as a residential service, a new kind of customer is creating the bulk of the growth in new customer acquisition. Commercial accounts and pest control, especially those in the food and hospitality industry, have always gone hand-in-hand because of federal regulations and local food safety guidelines.

MoJo Differentiators

There are a number of reasons to join the pest control industry, but there are even more reasons to join the Mosquito Joe team. Mosquito Joe has been recognized as #1 in category for Best of the Best Franchises and one the Fastest-Growing Franchises by Entrepreneur for multiple years. We promote a family and locally-owned business model whose top priority is making outside fun again for our communities.