How Preferential Pricing Provides Our Franchise Owners with A Competitive Advantage

How Preferential Pricing Provides Our Franchise Owners with A Competitive Advantage | Sales

In a competitive market, preferential pricing can be the difference between a business that is just getting by and one that is thriving. If that is so, then Real Property Management franchise owners have a significant advantage over the competition. As a subsidiary of Neighborly and a growing franchise organization with over 300 offices nationwide, Real Property Management has cultivated partnerships with a variety of other service-based businesses. Building-supply stores, locksmith services, accounting software, background-check providers, and many others are available to our franchise owners at a discount.

The property management industry is in many ways linked to other service-based industries. To maintain and renovate a rental property, property management professionals typically rely on services from quality vendors in their area. But that is only one side of the business. Running a property management franchise office also requires all the services typical of any business office, from basic office functions to human resources, tax and accounting services, and many more.

Independent small business owners are likely to pay retail prices for the services and software they need to get their business up and running. These small business owners do not have access to the buying power of a large organization, and are therefore resigned to pay higher costs set by the local market. For example, many small business owners must hire and pay office staff, prepare multiple tax returns each year, and contract with a wide range of service providers, from plumbers and landscapers to marketing professionals. Without leverage, that business owner will pay full market price for each service they need. Individually, each one may represent a relatively small expense, but combined, these higher costs may significantly impact a small business’s bottom line and create unnecessary challenges in a competitive marketplace.

In contrast, Real Property Management franchise owners have the ability to leverage our corporate connections and access the services you need at preferred rates. As a result, not only can our franchisees offer higher quality services to the property owners they serve, they can also use those savings to build their business faster. For example, Real Property Management franchisees can access preferential pricing with service providers like background check providers, saving money each time you need to qualify a new tenant or hire a new employee. We also provide our franchisees with access to discounted services in the home maintenance and remodeling industry, not to mention quality tax and accounting services by qualified professionals.

With higher profits than many other small property management firms, Real Property Management franchise owners can quickly become the leading service provider in their area. This access to preferential pricing is just one of the many advantages that owning a Real Property Management franchise has to offer.