Preparing New Franchisees for Success

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RainbowLogoFINAL2012.pngRainbow International’s training program helps newcomers adapt to franchising.

The pot of gold at Rainbow Restoration is overflowing with learning opportunities. 

“When they succeed, we succeed,” says Jeramy Sibley, the Sure Start coordinator for the Dwyer Group’s Rainbow Restoration brand.

Sibley guides new franchise owners as they learn the infrastructure part of the business.

Before meeting Sibley and his colleagues for in-person training at corporate headquarters in Waco, Texas, newcomers prepare for the day-to-day operations of a Rainbow franchise, learning how to Learn More About Mr. Rooter!find an office location, order equipment, purchase vehicles and hire employees.

A flood of learning 

“They come to Waco excited to see how things come together in a real-life scenario,” Sibley says. The pre-training and webinars are meant to get everyone “on a level playing field,” he says. “When they get here, they’re prepared to get the most from their training.”

According to Sibley, a “full-size flood house” is crucial to the educational process. “We flood the house, place equipment and take moisture readings just as they would in real life,” Sibley says. “Some of the new franchisees have been exposed to this and know what to expect.” Others value the hands-on opportunity.  

New owners must also receive the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. They can take the test during their on-site visit, as all states recognize the licensure. Some franchisees prefer to sit for the IICRC test in their local area. Those who don’t pass can retake the assessment.  Either way, mentors and training help with franchisee success. 

Graduation day and after

When the two-week training concludes, a graduation ceremony allows attendees to share takeaways from their experience. “They are appreciative to see and meet the franchise support and executive team,” Sibley says.

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Another significant component of Rainbow’s training involves “shadowing” an experienced franchise owner. “Working with a field training partner ties everything together,” Sibley says. “Even with the flood house, there’s not a customer to see in real life, which is extremely important.” New owners spend time with the office manager and a salesperson. They also respond to customer jobs and work closely with their counterparts on goal setting and challenges, according to Sibley. 

Owner support continues after the training period. Dwyer Group instructors and mentors are available for daily phone calls and emails. Periodic shop visits are part of the ongoing support, too.

Sibley admits that there is a lot of information during the six-week training period. “It’s like drinking water from a fire hose,” he says. “We’re constantly adapting, too, so our business owners can achieve their desired level of business success.”

The goal: Ensure the foundation of the business is on solid ground that can be built on by working together, says Sibley.  

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