Real Property Management Franchise Provides an Annuity-Based Revenue Model

Real Property Management Franchise Provides an Annuity-Based Revenue Model

As savvy entrepreneurs know, the benefits of buying a franchise make it an attractive business move. Still, the success of even a turnkey franchise depends on many factors, one of which is the business model upon which operations are based. In fact, this might be one of the most important decisions to make early on, because choosing a franchise with a business model that simply doesn’t offer the type of revenue stream you need might spell disaster.

Some revenue models have clear advantages over others. One model getting a lot of attention in recent years is the annuity-based revenue model. The most attractive feature of an annuity-based revenue model is the stability – it offers recurring revenue on a predictable schedule. There is little to no seasonal fluctuation, and no need to worry about when and how much revenue will be coming in.Rpm Property Manager Phone 2 1030x698

Among the franchises that offer an annuity-based revenue model, property management is quickly becoming the top choice of successful entrepreneurs. In addition to offering a recurring monthly revenue stream, a property management franchise builds equity for an exit strategy when the time comes.

A Real Property Management franchise offers all of this and more. Real Property Management excels in maximizing the revenue per rental unit through economies of scale and strategic partnerships that offer unique revenue opportunities. Our annual revenue per unit average nationwide is $2,952, one of the highest you’ll find. With a Real Property Management franchise, no industry experience is required. As a member of the Real Property Management team, you will be provided with the tools and training you need to run a successful business. At Real Property Management, we believe that each client in the business is valuable and, if taken care of correctly, can remain a client for years to come.

There are 43 million renter-occupied homes in the United States, a number that increases every year. Right now, on average, more than 1 out of every 3 homes in your neighborhood is a rental. Statistics show that young adults are renting more than buying these days, and industry experts predict that trend will continue. Unlike many other franchise options that are saturated with recognized brands or have a limited shelf life before the next “it” concept comes along, the property management industry is here to stay. It simply needs the drive and professionalism of investors like you.