How Do I Build Toward Scalability with ShelfGenie?

How Do I Build Toward Scalability with ShelfGenie? | ShelfGenie

You can provide the passion, the motivation, the business smarts and the money to get your ShelfGenie franchise off the ground. After that, the way you’re going to grow your territory (a protected territory which you would own exclusively) –  and scale toward your goal of becoming a multi-territory franchise partner – is to focus on the big picture.

In other words, you must work on your business instead of in your business to maximize this business model that’s designed to scale. As the franchise owner and visionary, you must apply your intelligence and energy to develop your enterprise and flesh out your business model instead of just working on the next sales lead.

But you can only scale effectively if you’re deliberate about it. And you’ll need some help along the way.

What’s most important to achieve scalability?

You must have the determination and time to think about your business, to strategize and to figure out how you’re going to build a multi-territory business. You must be deliberate about it, setting goals and plans, or you’ll stagnate and wallow in the present and the tyranny of the urgent.

How do I clear that kind of space and time to plan for scaling?

Another big key is to create and develop a team of designers and installers who will become the working representation of ShelfGenie in your local market.

Why are good designers and installers so important?

The most successful franchise partners have developed great teams of designers and installers.   The designers build and sell the vision.   The installers bring the dream of phenomenal custom shelving, where everything is within reach, to life.  This allows the owner to focus ON the business.

Hiring great designers and installers means that you’re all building the business in ways suited to you: They’re doing fantastic work in designing installations and in putting ShelfGenie in customers’ homes in the best ways to satisfy them, and you’re leading the company strategically…so this little wooden box truly can change your life.

And remember: Bringing on designers and installers isn’t going to add crazy overhead; you don’t want to do that as you get off the ground. They are contractors, so-called 1099 employees, so you only have to pay them for the work they do for you.

How do I find great designers and installers?

Given how important they are to your ultimate success, you must be strategic in how you go about recruiting them. Specifically, target designers and installers who work in similar spaces, and therefore are in a great position to understand exactly what ShelfGenie solves for customers.

These people can include interior designers, professional organizers, employees at stores that sell kitchen cabinets or organizing solutions, closet installers, and retailers. They might even have existing client bases who would be interested in ShelfGenie.

What else is important to being able to scale?

The best engine for growth is referrals. As in most businesses, referrals are gold, because they give you the solid sales leads. The more referrals you generate, the bigger the impact you’ll see on your bottom line.

How do I get referrals?

Existing customers are a great place to start. They can often provide the most promising sales leads, to family, friends and neighbors, and their willingness to refer ShelfGenie is a strong indication that you’re already doing something right in the business.

Develop referral partnerships with professionals in related fields, and with other businesses in your market that work with similar clientele.

And incentivize your designers and installers to give you referrals, and designers to generate their own appointments.

How will ShelfGenie help me scale?

Much of our home-office support for franchise partners aims to put you in position to work on your business instead of in it. This includes WishPortal, our customized marketing-support platform, as well as our Business Support Center and the detailed reporting and analytics that we provide just for your franchise.

Don’t be satisfied with only putting out your shingle for your ShelfGenie franchise. Plan to scale up. And follow these steps to success.