Scientific Benefits to Taking a Break

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coffee break.jpgBelieve it or not, there are ways to inch in an hour or two of the day just for yourself. Even if you are the busiest person in the world (or feel that way), you can deploy time management skills that maximize efficiency and leave you with more “me” time.

Many hard-working Americans believe there isn’t enough time for themselves during the day. Often, they sit at their desks working and scrambling, and never feel as though they accomplish anything. They blame their schedule, the type of work, and just about anything else that falls into place during the day. The solution is simple – they need to schedule a break.

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The Science Behind a Break

Taking breaks is necessary. In fact, studies have shown that when you give yourself a diversion at least once an hour, you will perform better and be more focused.

Why? Simple; your brain loses the stimulation of the project you are working on. So, leaving and coming back stimulates your senses, makes you more aware and perhaps provides a new sense of ambition.

Simple Ways to Add More Hours to the Day - 4 Time Management Tips to Try Now

  1. Live by a Rule of Three - Every morning sit down and list three things you want to accomplish by the end of that day. By making priorities, you can prevent yourself from losing focus. You don’t want to yourself staying late at the end of the day to finish up your Top 3.
  2. Cut Distractions - Everything from your smartphone to checking social media wastes time. Franchising: A Path to Your FutureFurthermore, studies show that it takes 25 minutes to regain your senses after those time-wasters. So, put them to the side until work is done.
  3. Delegate Tasks to Others - Delegate what others can do to lighten your load. Delegating is difficult for some people.  There are benefits to “just letting go” when possible. If half the tasks you do are things other staff members can handle, start piecing them out and free up some time.
  4. Stop Useless Tasks - You just spent four hours of your day in five meetings, but were all five meetings productive or necessary? Maybe an email thread will work for one or two of them, or for meetings scheduled weekly, perhaps twice per month would be sufficient.

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