How to Spread Some Cheer as a Business This Holiday Season

How to Spread Some Cheer as a Business This Holiday Season - Mosquito Joe Franchise
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I think we can all agree there is a change in the air throughout the months of November and December. There is music playing everywhere, lights lining the streets, and an greater overall sense of generosity. We here at Mosquito Joe are incredibly lucky to have our families, roofs over our heads, and big holiday meals to bring us joy this season. Unfortunately, that is not the case for everyone. Charitable giving throughout the year is becoming more the norm for businesses (which is wonderful), but this time of year usually sees an increase in giving back from both individuals and companies alike. It may seem easier for large corporations with more resources to give back, but small businesses can make a huge impact on their local communities and lend a helping hand to those who need it most.

Just a little creativity and time can go a long way! Here are a few suggestions for ways that small businesses can give back this holiday season:

Mosquito Joe Maryland Food Bank

Food Drives

If you interact with customers on a daily basis, this is a great way to donate to a great cause and work together with your customers to do so! Mosquito Joe of Baltimore-Annapolis, for example, partners with the Maryland Food Bank each year to donate canned goods to local families during the holidays. On top of their own donations, Mosquito Joe will ask their customers to leave canned goods on their doorsteps during a set period of time, which they will pick up and drop off at the food bank.

Volunteer As a Team

Giving back doesn’t have to be in the form of money or food. Giving your time to a local organization is just as valuable. Having your employees volunteer as a team is a unique way to help those in need while encouraging team bonding! Consider volunteering at a local soup kitchen or food pantry, Habitat for Humanity, or gift-wrapping drive.

Donate a Portion of Sales

A simple way to make an impact with a local organization is to donate a portion of your business’ sales over a set period of time. If there is a charity near and dear to your business (or heart), choosing a recipient is fairly easy. If not, survey your employees to see which organizations mean the most to them. You can divide donations and even match those of your employees if you’re able.

Support The Troops

Many of our servicemen and women are away from their home and families during the holiday season. But there are a variety of ways you can reach out and let them know they are supported and loved from afar! Soldiers’ Angels Adopt-A-Family program allows you to donate to military families in need through gifts for the children and a grocery gift card so the family can purchase their holiday meal. You and your business can also join up with an organization like Operation Gratitude to host a collection drive for items to put into care packages that go to soldiers overseas.

Toys for Tots

Toys for Tots

Toys for Tots is a charity run by the United States Marine Corps that collects unwrapped toys throughout the months of November and December and distributes them to children in need throughout local communities. We hold a Toys for Tots drive here at Mosquito Joe Corporate every year. Visit the Toys for Tots website to find information on your local branch and how you can get involved in making a difference for a child in need this year.

Adopt a Family

Donating to charity can be difficult because you can’t usually see an immediate impact from your contribution. Adopting a family who needs assistance during the holidays is a wonderful way to see a personal and immediate result. You can make an even bigger impact by adopting a family as a business and contributing together! While there is no central organization responsible, simply Googling “adopt a family for the holidays” will bring up a list of organizations to partner with in your community. Many allow you to donate food, clothing, toys, and money.

While generosity throughout the holidays enhances the joy of the season, the giving doesn’t have to end come January. All of these ideas can be expanded beyond the holiday season to allow small businesses the opportunity to give back all year round. For example, Mosquito Joe teams up with Nothing But Nets all year long through our MoJo Bites Back campaign to provide mosquito-proof bed nets to families in Sub-Saharan Africa at great risk of malaria. You visit our donation page here for more information. It only takes $10 to send a life-saving net!

From all of us at Mosquito Joe, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season. May your days be merry and bright!