The Benefits of a Turnkey Business

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Many people aspire to be business owners. But not everyone can spend time and money building a business from the ground up through trial and error.

Turnkey businesses provide a path to entrepreneurship for people who want to hit the ground running. These concepts come equipped with everything franchisees need to run successful businesses from day one.

Dryer Vent Wizard franchisees invest in a branded van, a complete set of equipment, a centralized scheduling center and a comprehensive training program. When they start serving clients, they don’t have to worry about a steep learning curve – they’re already positioned to run a profitable operation.

What is a Turnkey Business?

A turnkey business is a model that is built ready to run. The buyer of a turnkey business pays for all upfront costs, with hopes of seeing a large return on his investment once the concept starts generating revenue. Because the business is designed to take off quickly, the buyer can start making returns sooner.

Many mobile businesses are turnkey operations, since the entire concept is contained in one vehicle.

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What are the Advantages?

There are three main advantages to turnkey operations:

  1. Proven Model: When an entrepreneur discovers a proven model for success, he or she can turn it into a turnkey business and sell the complete package to other entrepreneurs. That way, buyers have a formula for how to run the business profitably. This setup removes the guesswork and lets new business owners follow a defined process. Because these models are replicable, their operations are usually simple and easy to manage. They also often come with an established brand with built-in awareness and loyalty.
  2. Support: Usually, the owner or franchisor of a turnkey concept provides support to buyers or franchisees. This might come in the form of training, marketing, operations optimization, technology or other resources. The quality of the support system is often what separates good turnkey businesses from the rest. By partnering with a supportive franchisor, franchisees increase their chances of success.
  3. Faster Startup: With turnkey businesses, particularly mobile concepts, there’s no need for a pricey buildout or extensive hiring process. These concepts usually employ one or two people and are often owner-operated at the outset. Once the business grows, owners can start adding to their payroll. Franchisees save time by skipping the site selection and buildout process, so they start making money faster. Factor in ready-to-roll sales systems and equipment, and running a profitable business is easier than ever.women working in office cubicles

What Makes Dryer Vent Wizard a Turnkey Business?

Dryer Vent Wizard franchises come ready to operate. Each Dryer Vent Wizard franchisee receives:

  • An eye-catching branded van that drives brand awareness
  • All the maintenance tools they may need in the field
  • A centralized scheduling center that answers calls from clients and books new and repeat appointments. We book 80 percent of new calls during the first conversation, and more than 90 percent of those bookings become paying jobs for franchisees in their own exclusive territories.
  • Two weeks of classroom and field training that prepare franchisees for anything they may encounter on the job. Franchisees also get a flat rate pricing booklet and a manual detailing how to perform all the services Dryer Vent Wizard offers.
  • A branded app that tracks appointments, customer information and services.
  • A system of supportive franchisees and corporate employees who are available to answer questions as they ariseDryer Vent Wizard technician van

Because our franchise owners start with everything they need, they can get right to generating revenue, building a customer base and turning a profit.