The Benefits of Hiring Technicians for Your Dryer Vent Cleaning Business

The Benefits of Hiring Technicians for Your Dryer Vent Cleaning Business | DVW Franchise

There comes a point in many business life cycles when the owner has to decide to either expand their business or keep it the same size. While both strategies have their advantages, most business owners choose to expand.

Similarly, some franchises offer entrepreneurs more opportunities to scale and grow their business than others. At Dryer Vent Wizard, franchisees have the option to employ an owner/operator model or expand by adding technicians to their business. Here are some of the benefits of hiring technicians:

More Revenue Opportunities

Adding even one technician allows you to cover more ground within your territory. You can both work on service calls at the same time, potentially doubling or tripling your revenue while also growing your customer base.

Or, with our Executive Model, you can skip ahead to the growth stage by starting out with a technician and two branded vans. This allows you to service a larger territory and generate more revenue, and it’s a perfect fit for those looking to expand their franchise portfolio or pursue other interests.

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Maximizing service calls within your initial territory isn’t the only way you can increase revenue. If you’re ready, you can even purchase more territories and scale your operations accordingly.

More Freedom and Flexibility

One of the biggest reasons franchisees add technicians is for the additional freedom and flexibility it offers them as a business owner. Some of our franchisees own complementary brands or run completely different businesses while operating their Dryer Vent Wizard business.

The scalable Dryer Vent Wizard investment allows you more time to focus on high-level oversight and long-term growth of your business and lets you decide how much time you spend doing so.

With one or two technicians, you get much more freedom and flexibility from a staffing standpoint. If you’re sick, or one of your technicians is out, you don’t need to completely shut down your business. You’ll have trained technicians ready to step in and take over, if need be.

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Better Work/Life Balance

Along with more flexibility as a business owner, growing your business with technicians also allows you to have more flexibility outside of work. Whether your passion is travel, a unique hobby, or you simply just want to spend more time with family, you can take more time off with a few employees on hand.

Having these extra people within your business lets you delegate responsibilities, so even when you’re gone, your business can still run efficiently, and no one is overwhelmed.

Franchisee John Ryley put it best when he said, “Five vans aren’t five times the work.”

Tom Griffin

The Dryer Vent Wizard opportunity allows you to start your business out at any size – whether you opt for an owner/operator model, choose to expand territories as you grow, or want to start out with a few technicians. No matter what your goals are, our franchise makes success and entrepreneurship accessible to everyone, while still letting you pursue other interests.