Top 5 Tips for Stress Management at Work

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stress nik-shuliahin-251237.jpgIn a recent study, 65% of Americans said their top cause of stress was work, but only 37% believe they are good at stress management.

Work-related stress is something most of us will experience at some point in our lives. However, when this stress takes over, it can have damaging effects.

You may not be able to control the pressures and tensions that occur while you are working, there are some steps you can take to combat stress in the workplace:

1. Ask for Support to Help With Your Stress Management

Sometimes, one of the easiest ways to reduce how stressed you feel is to talk to someone close to you. Reaching out to someone can help you gain a better perspective on the situation, inducing a sense of calm.

Next time you feel as though your stresses at work are taking over, try talking to a colleague, friend,Franchising: A Path to Your Future or family member. Creating a strong network of people around you will help you feel less isolated, which will reduces vulnerability to stress.

2. Stay Healthy With a Good Diet and Regular Exercise

Physical health can be impacted when you are completely focused on work. However, if you can support your health with regular exercise and good nutrition, you will feel stronger, both mentally and physically.

3. Get Enough Sleep

A full night’s sleep may seem impossible, but lack of sleep interferes with focus, problem-solving skills, creativity, and productivity. Getting enough rest helps cope with workplace responsibilities. Furthermore, having enough sleep may reinstate your emotional balance, which is crucial when trying to cope with work stress.

4. Organize and Prioritize Your Day

If you feel as though the stress at work is overwhelming, take a step back and look at how to regain control over the situation. By inducing a feeling of control, stressful situations feel less chaotic.

You can take control of the working day by adopting a balanced schedule, having regular breaks, and not committing to too many things.

5. Break Your Bad Workplace Habits

Negative behavior and self-sabotage could be adding to how stressed you feel at work. To remove self-doubting thoughts, eliminate the idea of perfectionism, and replace negative words/description with positive words.

It’s also time to realize you can’t control the uncontrollable, including how other people behave. Channel energy into things you can control, such as your reaction to certain problems.

Finally, when you do feel stressed at work, try to find humor in the situation. Laughter is a great way to elevate work stress, so share a funny story or joke with those around you, and it’ll stop you all from taking things too seriously.

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