What Kind of Marketing and Sales Support Do ShelfGenie Franchise Partners Receive?

What Kind of Marketing and Sales Support Do ShelfGenie Franchise Partners Receive? | ShelfGenie

The most important aspects of the franchisor-franchisee relationship occur behind the scenes. It’s one thing for a company like ShelfGenie to attract customers with our industry-leading brand, our innovative products, and other things that you see up front. But none of that would matter to our franchise partners without the services we provide them that go unseen by the public: first-class marketing, sales management and operational support.

In fact, the ongoing support we provide our franchise partners, in these critical, yet time-consuming, aspects of the business, is the real secret behind the success of the brand. It’s one of the key factors that makes ShelfGenie a great business for first-time entrepreneurs or those looking to expand and diversify their investment portfolio. The whole point of our support strategy is to help our franchise partners spend time on the business, not in the business. We take responsibility for some of the most crucial marketing, sales and operations functions, leaving our partners with more time, energy and resources to scale their business over time and produce better results.

What crucial support services does ShelfGenie provide for our franchise partners?

Marketing Support

Our marketing support team focuses on helping our franchise partners build brand awareness and grow their ShelfGenie business within their local markets. The team provides a variety of support services all centered around driving prospective clients to their local ShelfGenie franchise for all their custom glide-out shelving needs. We make it simple for our franchise partners to focus on building their business by:

  • Creating websites for our franchise partners.
  • Employing a digital-marketing team that works closely with our franchise partners to customize, implement and execute a digital strategy.
  • Monitoring and managing local social media for our franchise partners so they can be in the know about what customers in their communities are saying about them, and about ShelfGenie.
  • Providing accurate and up-to-date reporting of viewership of franchise partners’ digital advertising so they can see exactly what results they’re getting for the marketing dollars they’re spending.

Our marketing support also includes helping franchise partners advertise through traditional media that continues to yield results in their markets. This includes creation of copy and graphics for print advertising in newspapers and direct-mail pieces, as well as purchasing local advertising at lower prices for our franchise partners by leveraging the buying power of the ShelfGenie brand across the country.

Operational and Sales Support

The other important area of support is operational, primarily related to sales management and driven by the Business Support Center at our home office. It’s where our 10-plus years of experience working with ShelfGenie customers and potential customers really benefits our franchise partners.

This sales-management support falls into three main areas:

Inbound: Agents at our Business Support Center are responsible for fielding inquiries from potential customers for our franchise partners across the country. Whether they reach out via telephone calls, online inquiries, e-mail messages or texts — our agents are available to take all of these inbound communications from possible clients to help franchise partners convert them into opportunities for follow-up and, ultimately, customers.

Outbound: Franchise partners also bring in leads on their own. Our Business Support Center agents are given their contact information and responsible for following up with them, attempting to book appointments and, ultimately turn them into customers. This includes reaching back out to potential customers who’ve expressed interest in ShelfGenie but wanted to think about it for a while or requested a follow-up in a couple of weeks. Agents from our Business Support Center also follow up with prospects who have interacted with ShelfGenie franchisees at home shows or vendor fairs.

Ongoing: ShelfGenie franchise partners are given access to our proprietary business-management system, known as WishPortal. This central, co-managed, digital platform allows ShelfGenie to conduct routine business, stay connected to our franchise partners, and acts as the brand’s customer relationship management platform. Whether a franchise partner wants to check on financial variables related to his operation or a designer wants to book an appointment, WishPortal lets them stay on top of their business and manage all that they’ve got going on — as well as coordinate with ShelfGenie headquarters to make sure nothing falls between the cracks.

With this kind of backup at the home office, ShelfGenie franchise partners can avoid getting bogged down in marketing and sales details. And they don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to effective practices for creating and converting leads. They are free to optimize their business success and scale their ShelfGenie franchise.

With truly unrivaled support, and the systems to prove it, ShelfGenie is the business opportunity you’ve been searching for.