Why Franchising Means You’ll Never Eat Lunch Alone

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apples.jpgWe’ve all been there – sat in the lunchroom eating on our own, browsing through our mobile phone in a bid to ward off loneliness. It’s not a nice feeling, but loneliness in the workplace is a real issue. A study found that, in their public lives, around half of Americans felt intensely lonely – this isn’t good for people, and it’s not good for businesses. The solution? 


One of the greatest benefits of entering a franchise system is, as a franchisee, even if you don’t have anyone working for you (especially at the beginning), you’ll never be doing it alone.

Franchising Means Not Having to Do Everything for Yourself

The day-to-day running of your franchise may involve chasing leads, putting together quotes, covering incoming calls, and perhaps even doing the job itself, but you’ll never bear the brunt of this workload on your own, because the franchisor and their network of support will always be right behind you. They’ll be there providing you with a strategy and/or system, training, marketing, administration, and support.

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And it’s important that you take advantage of this. Make the most of this available support and establish a work-life balance that works for you, because that’s the opportunity that being a franchisee offers you. 

There’s a Network of Other Franchisees to Help You Too

Another huge advantage of being part of a large franchise is the fact there’s plenty of other franchisees out there. This means there are other like-minded individuals who are going through the same thing as you. Franchisors will often provide you with plenty of networking opportunities to meet these people. For example, Dwyer Group brands offer regional meetings, training sessions, conventions, leadership gatherings and their international Reunion, where all brands from all companies gather each year to network and learn.

New Call-to-actionUse this support system to connect with people who are at the same stage as you, as well as franchisees who have been doing it for years. Experienced franchisees will be able to point you in the right direction if you have any questions, sharing their knowledge of how they overcame certain challenges. You may also find mentors on various topics (e.g. marketing or training), so reach out to them to get advice.

With this level of support, you cannot help but feel lifted by the camaraderie on offer with a franchise system. This is because each and every franchisee wants to see each other succeed – no one’s treading on each other’s toes here! Instead, you’re all working together to achieve national or even international success for your franchise – which will benefit everyone.

From the mentors at the franchise to a neighboring franchisee, there’s always someone you can talk to. That’s why, when you’re franchising, you never feel alone – even if you’re a one-man band for some or all of the time!

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