Why Veterans Make Good Franchise Owners

Upon leaving active military duty, many Veterans are eager to find a civilian career where they can utilize their unique skills and prior training. But the transition from military service to the civilian workforce is not always a clear-cut pathway for many. Research shows that 48% of Veterans found their transition from the military community into the civilian workforce more difficult than expected, with 76% finding the transition extremely stressful.

As Veterans begin to think about life after the armed forces and explore their options, they may consider multiple factors, including what is best for them, their family, their community, and their future. In exploring these options, it makes sense for Veterans to want to find something that will allow them to make the most of the experience and wisdom they’ve gleaned from their military careers.

Neighborly® knows that the military can serve as the foundation for a civilian career for many service members. While Veterans comprise 7% of the country’s population, Veterans account for 14% of all franchise owners. Neighborly can help Veterans recognize the value of their skills and choose the best path forward. Find out how owning a franchise can be an excellent opportunity if you are a Veteran searching for your next mission.


Military Skills Transfer to Franchise Ownership

During their time in the military, many Veterans have some common shared experiences. Regardless of their rank, every Veteran has been through training and has had to play the role of both follower and leader at various points in their careers. Additionally, Veterans have been involved in logistical coordination and operational execution during their time in the military. These experiences are foundational for finding success as a franchise owner.

Another critical skill that transfers to franchise ownership is handling stress and working under pressure effectively. Service members have undoubtedly had to execute a task under high-stress circumstances while working toward an important objective. This can-do attitude and resilience are crucial for business ownership. Veterans are well-trained to meet unexpected challenges, capitalize on opportunities, adapt to change, think quickly, and stay calm, even under pressure. These skills can all be leveraged as a franchise owner.


Why Veterans and Franchising Make a Good Match

Veterans often need help finding a civilian career that fully utilizes their unique skills and experiences, leading to frustration and job transitions.

This is where franchising can be a particularly compelling option for Veterans. Franchising allows Veterans to start a business, hire other people, and create jobs. This experience can feel more valuable and provide more job satisfaction than punching a clock for someone else.

And with a leading franchising company like Neighborly, you aren’t in it alone. Franchising offers a system, a network of collaborators, and multiple support layers, including fellow Veteran franchise owners. Being a franchise owner is part of a team, a collaborative environment where each franchise’s success benefits the brand. A Neighborly franchise provides an environment for former service members to connect, share, learn, and grow with their peers in business.


Military Experience + Home Services Franchising = A Powerful Combination

Franchising offers Veterans the opportunity to capitalize on the skills they developed in the military while getting the training and systems they need to replicate their previous success on the home front.

Neighborly understands that Veterans have a lot to offer as franchisees, so Neighborly is always searching for talented military professionals looking for their path into franchise business ownership. Neighborly would be honored to help guide Veterans on that journey.

Download our franchise guide today to learn more about franchising and how Neighborly can help set you up for success in your next mission.

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