Women of Mosquito Joe: Lindsay Horsman

Women of Mosquito Joe: Lindsay Horsman - Mosquito Joe Franchise
Lindsay Horsman, Women of Mosquito Joe

If there is one thing we have learned it is that there are many misconceptions about women in the pest control industry! So while we could write a blog post about the pest control industry and why women are a good fit for Mosquito Joe, we thought there were a few people who could do a better job. In our blog series the Women of Mosquito Joe, we highlight the incredible women that are a part of the MoJo family and why it is no longer a man’s world!

This month we chatted with Lindsay Horsman of Mosquito Joe of Frederick. Lindsay and her husband Chris had always wanted to own their own business, and after becoming frustrated with her job, they took the leap and purchased a Mosquito Joe franchise. She oversees the day to day operations of the business and every once in awhile can even be found servicing a customer’s yard!

What is your role in the Mosquito Joe business?

I am the office manager and run the business on a daily basis. I handle 90% of customer calls and emails, all of the bookkeeping, and marketing. I share the responsibility of all hiring and training of technicians with my husband, Chris.

What is your most memorable moment from your first season?

We participated in a parade and took our son to ride along in the van. I had a great time handing out frisbees to kids and koozies to adults and everyone shouting “Mosquito Joe” at us. It was fun for us as a family and great to be out in the community for our business. But, it was the moment where we both really realized that we could be and were becoming small business owners and active members of these new communities. It was a very exciting experience and what finally made the whole process seem real and a permanent part of our lives.

What do you find most empowering about your job?

My husband and I make all decisions regarding the business, what’s more empowering than that? I am the boss for all the good and bad that comes with it. This business is mine which makes all the difference when I have an unpleasant task to complete because I’m reaping all the benefits. Instead of slogging through day after day at another company and not feeling like my hard works makes a difference to my company, I know what I’ll get out of it is directly related to how much time and energy I put in.  And it’s very freeing to work for yourself, it’s a different sense of independence.

There are often misconceptions around the pest control industry and in particular with women working in that industry. What are your thoughts on those?

The pest control industry certainly isn’t glamorous and not something I ever thought I’d work in, but I find myself very excited about it now. On a day-to-day basis I work in an office setting, so it’s no different than working in any other office really, I just happen to talk to people about bugs all day! I’ve gone out with Chris for some treatments, and it’s not really as “dirty” as most people see it. It can certainly get hot, and I’m sure the pack seems heavier to me than to my husband, but it’s not something I can’t or won’t do if we ever need an extra technician! There’s no reason a female shouldn’t or can’t be part of this industry.