Women of Neighborly: Finding Success as Franchise Owners

The female franchise owners at Neighborly are hitting new heights and setting standards for excellence within their brands. When it comes to success, these women are shining examples. How have they been able to build a successful business with a Neighborly franchise?

Brenda Boudry, Mr. Handyman Franchise Owner:

“I have been successful so far by working hard and creating a good team atmosphere. I want my whole team to grow and be successful, not just myself.”

Sherry Dawson, Mosquito Joe Franchise Owner:

“Hard work, persistence, drive, sacrifice, and keeping my eye on the goal for success that will come with long hours and commitment have helped me build my business. You must hire strong people to work for you as they represent your business. You must have the highest integrity and values as this will be reflected in your community reputation. You must believe in your product and have passion for what you do. You must celebrate all successes and embrace challenges as that is how we learn to improve. You must always be brilliant at the basics and inspect what you expect. You should want to differentiate yourself with the best customer service so that your customers love you and your service and value you so they will return year after year. Give your customers the best of what you can provide.”

Jo McCabe, Mr. Handyman Franchise Owner:

“By developing an incredible team that all know the importance of taking care of our clients and by hanging on the coattails of the successful owners, asking for help and visiting their offices so I can constantly learn from them.”

Kim Owczarzak, Mr. Handyman Franchise Owner:

“Times have changed so much over the 13 years we have owned our franchise; you have to adapt and change accordingly. As a leader, you need to build a work culture that empowers your team to provide an exceptional customer experience. Understand your competition and always be a few steps ahead of them in the marketplace. Take calculated risks, have goals, and stay the course.”

Cindy Parks-Talley, Mr. Handyman Franchise Owner:

“I think the most important thing to do is to participate in every single thing you can. I attend every meeting, webinar, and phone call. I read everything that is sent to me from the franchisor and other franchisees. I work to be open to suggestions and ideas. I try to stay out of my own way and keep my fears and insecurities from interfering with my production. I take the leap of faith and believe that as long as I am doing my best, I will be successful. I want to set an example for my daughter by living my life with grace.”

These owners are just a few of the many examples of franchise success stories in the Neighborly family of brands. Are you ready to launch your own high-quality home services business or interested in learning more about a potential franchise opportunity? Contact the Neighborly Franchise Development team today!

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