Workplace Wellness Ideas for Service Business Leaders

Workplace Wellness Ideas for Service Business Leaders

Most people spend the majority of their week at work. If you’re a service business owner or leader, you definitely do. Developing a workplace wellness program is an excellent way to systematically help staff feel healthier and, as a result, perform better at work. After all, even something as simple as scheduling short breaks can vastly improve workplace performance and decision making.

In the service industry, however, workplace wellness is not as simple as leaving snacks in the breakroom. Your service technicians may be coming and going, with only a few employees working consistently at the office. How do you pin down wellness in your unique, bustling industry? As a leader in home service franchising, Neighborly has the expert insights you need to have a happier business culture.

Encourage Physical Workplace Wellness

Whether you’re developing a formal workplace wellness program or you’re more of a spontaneous doer, there are many ways to aid in physical health of your employees and yourself. These are some of our favorite physical workplace wellness ideas:

  • Standing desks and other furniture

For those desk-bound employees, a standing desk is a great convenience and comfort. Though it’s no substitute for movement and exercise – a reality that should be made clear to everyone using one – it can help people avoid aches and pains associated with sitting. For employees who are coming and going, consider investing in some comfortable seating options for much-needed breaks.

  • Walking meetings

Take your meetings outside or into the hallway for better workplace wellness. Even service technicians who walk frequently on the job will enjoy the way a walking meeting can clear their heads and help them focus. Bonus: Research shows that walking improves creativity. Who knows what out-of-the-box ideas for business growth may walk out of the woodwork.

  • Healthy food

In the service industry, employees aren’t always in the office to enjoy any healthy snacks left out for them. But food-driven workplace wellness is still possible. Schedule healthy potlucks for a time when all staff will be together, or have everyone submit healthy recipes to create a work cookbook.

  • Exercise time

Movement is so important for achieving workplace wellness. Think about how you can incorporate exercise into the workday. For example, hire a yoga instructor to come in occasionally when all staff will be together – perhaps turn the second half of a biweekly staff meeting into a quick exercise session. If schedules are just too complicated, consider rewarding employees with discounts on gym memberships or gift certificates for exercise classes.

Don’t forget to partake in these perks too, boss. Healthy leaders are better able to encourage an overall better workplace culture.

Encourage Mental Workplace Wellness

No workplace wellness plan is complete without ample action items for maintaining mental wellness. These are some of our favorite ideas that can easily be adapted for service-industry businesses.

  • Provide experiences

Even if you and your employees love your jobs, having experiences other than typical work tasks is extremely beneficial for workplace wellness. Remember to make time for fun team-building activities or just random, non-work-related talks. You can also modify required tasks to make them more of an enjoyable experience – for example, turn an average training seminar into a unique lunch.

  • Accommodate schedule changes

Work hours in the service industry can be demanding, but they don’t have to interfere with workplace wellness. Try to tie in performance with your policies for schedule changes; if goals are being met and customers are happy, why not be more generous with schedule flexibility? A flexible workweek is one great benefit that many Neighborly franchisees enjoy.

  • Listen well

Check in with staff members often, both individually and as a group. Get their opinions and feelings about how certain processes are working for them, and how their day-to-day jobs could be improved. When employees know they’re being led by a caring person who listens, they’ll feel more valued, keep up their work ethic, and be more comfortable contributing great ideas.

  • Provide small bonuses

Incentives and bonuses don’t have to be an expensive endeavor. As long as they help employees feel valued, they’re a good idea for boosting workplace wellness. For example, you can hand out branded swag such as water bottles – because why not improve brand awareness while giving a gift? Finally, remember that you don’t have to spend anything to personally recognize someone for their strengths, or to call off the workday an hour early when there aren’t any appointments.

Need a Bigger Change to Find Workplace Wellness?

Sometimes, it can seem impossible to achieve the workplace culture you know your employees deserve – whether that’s because of limited hiring capacity or lack of resources for the right training.

When your business gets in the way of trying out the workplace wellness ideas above, it might be time for a bigger change. If you work in the home service industry, you’re in an excellent position to convert your business to a Neighborly franchise to discover benefits like high-end equipment, a nationally-recognized brand name and logo, training and other business support, and the same employees you know and trust. It’s this same leg up that helped this Molly Maid owners grow their business.

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