3 GREAT new Genies this October!

Window Genie is excited to share that we welcomed THREE new franchise owners and their teams this month. Look out Cape May, Myrtle Beach and Fresno… we’re coming for you!

As we continue to add team members we remain committed to our growth strategy which is: We AWARD franchises, we don’t sell them.

The approach we take when working with potential business is owner is a kind of “self control” when it comes to actually bringing on new locations.  Just because someone can afford to purchase a Window Genie franchise or has the desire to own their own business, it doesn’t necessarily mean we feel they fit the system and will be successful with us. This is the essential difference between awarding a franchise and selling one. Our Founder and CEO, Rik Nonelle said it best:  “Our strategy for growth, simple enough, is to turn away the people who do not fit our culture. That sounds too easy but believe me it is not easy. It is very tough when you see a check all ready for you and the person is very eager and qualified financially, to turn that person away.  But I have learned that one person who is not a cultural fit can just rock the entire boat. We have something like a 98% approval rating from our franchisees and that’s not an easy thing to achieve. We achieve it by keeping those who really feel are not a fit,  for whatever reasons, out.”

This is because we are not in the business of simply adding bodies to our system as fast as possible for the sole purpose of collecting royalties and franchise fees. Window Genie has spent 20 years building a very team-oriented culture that focuses on maintaining a cohesive, cooperative relationship between ALL members of Team Genie. Our owners work with the corporate support staff as well as with one another for the betterment of the system; it’s a Window Genie family. We know that if we weren’t selective… we would be setting ourselves up for a TOXIC environment where long-term growth and success would be difficult to achieve. We are FIRM believers in quality over quantity. A team of franchise partners who mesh well, work as a team and are committed to the overall well-being and improvement of the Window Genie brand is SO important to us.

With that being said… These 3 new owners are QUALITY people that we thoroughly screened and evaluated. We are so excited to have these teams on board, know they’re set up for success and can’t wait to see what they’re made of this fall.


Paul Guglielmi – Cape May, NJ

Before opening his Window Genie franchise, Paul spent over 30 years in corporate America in sales and sales management for a few personal protective equipment companies. “I learned a lot and enjoyed it for many years,” he said. “But my job became increasingly more difficult after losing members of my team because of the economic downturn a few years ago. I knew it was time for a change and began planning my exit strategy.” In the midst of deciding what his next move would be; Paul’s position was eliminated. “Be careful what you wish for,” he said. “I planned to leave in early 2015 anyway, but ultimately the layoff was a blessing since it got me on my path towards business ownership sooner.”

Paul looks forward to helping improve the look and value of homes and small businesses in his community. He said, “I’m excited to get out there and start building relationships with customers. We offer so many different, necessary services that there’s definitely something for every home and budget. My wife JoAnn and I are involved in a lot of community service efforts and I look forward to getting the business involved in giving back to the community as well.”

Check out Window Genie of South Jersey highlighted in their local news – the Press of Atlantic City


Paul Guglielmi with his wife JoAnn

Paul Guglielmi with his wife JoAnn


Tom Washer – Myrtle Beach, SC

Prior to Window Genie business ownership, Tom Washer spent 4 years in the Air Force before a career in sales management for a variety of industries. Working in sales brought him all over the country from Texas to New Mexico to Connecticut to Massachusetts. Tom and his wife Cheryl decided to relocate to Myrtle Beach to open their business because it’s where much of their family now lives. Washer said, “We’re very family oriented and wanted to find an opportunity to move down here. Long-term security along with my vast knowledge of sales and personal service has motivated me to start a business.”

Tom’s wife Cheryl Waterhouse will help run the business, providing administrative and customer support. “We are excited to finally get out there in the community together and meet our customers,” Washer said. “We are motivated to build a strong reputation in the community resulting in a loyal, repeat customer base.”

Check out Window Genie of Myrtle Beach featured in their local news – WMBFnews


Tom Washer

Tom Washer


Greg & Jordan Pyles – Fresno, CA

Before he and Jordan purchased their Window Genie franchise, Greg worked for 30 years in the IT and software development industry, most recently for a trade journal in the music industry. Many years before that, he owned a carpet cleaning business. At 24 years old, Jordan has quickly worked his way up at a local fast food restaurant, most recently serving as General Manager.

Greg’s role will be to focus on building a customer base through networking, community outreach and social media. He said, “I want to be out in the field doing quotes at customers’ homes and educating them on who we are. It’s important to leave a great first impressions on customers and establish genuine relationships if we want to build a loyal, repeat customer base.” Jordan will apply his management skills by focusing on the operations side of the business; managing the field technicians and maintaining equipment and tools to ensure efficiency and quality.

The father/son duo is excited to open for business. Jordan said, “We’re very family oriented so it’s exciting to build something with my dad that will impact both our futures. Also, I have three kids and am looking forward to the work/life balance Window Genie has seemed to provide for other franchise owners.”

Check out Window Genie of Fresno featured in their local news – The Fresno Bee

Jordan Pyles (left) Greg Pyles (right)

Jordan Pyles (left) Greg Pyles (right)

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