Why Pressure Washing Business Owners Make Great Window Genie® Franchise Owners

Owning a pressure washing business is an impressive achievement, and you should be proud of the work you do each day. Have you ever thought about what comes next for you and your business? If you are considering scaling up or expanding, converting your pressure washing business into a Window Genie franchise could be the next step. It’s important to understand what it could mean for you and your employees to convert your business to a locally owned franchise.


Window Genie® Franchise: Transferable Assets & Skills

Converting to a franchise gives you the opportunity to expand your business by leveraging the branding and scaling capabilities of a large franchisor. As a business owner already, you could be well-positioned to grow your operation and make a fantastic franchisee.


You Already Have What It Takes

You’ve already proven yourself as a power-washing business owner, dedicating the time and energy to build a solid foundation. This experience means you won’t necessarily need to revamp your schedule, and dive back into the weeds of operations management. You have the drive, passion, and organizational skills that can propel you forward as a franchise owner.

When you join the nationally recognized Window Genie brand, you can let them ease some of the daily business burdens from you. You get an established business model that supports further growth, simplifies marketing efforts, and provides a network of franchise support.


Keep Your Trained Employees (and/or Add to Your Team)

Transitioning your power washing business to a franchise doesn’t mean saying goodbye to your dedicated team. When you join the Window Genie brand, you can keep your skilled employees. If you’re on the lookout for new talent, Window Genie can recommend resources you can use to help you recruit the most qualified candidates to strengthen your team to help propel your franchise to success.


Keep Your Supplies & Equipment

When you transition your business into a window cleaning franchise, the good news is that most of your current equipment still gets used since you are providing a lot of the same services. You have the flexibility to keep or upgrade your tools as you see fit, tailoring your setup to meet new demands. If you need additional supplies, there are vendor discounts you can take advantage of through our relationship with ProTradeNet. We are dedicated to making the conversion process simple and cost-effective.


From Starting a Pressure Washing Business to Expanding Your Service Offerings via Window Genie Franchise

Starting a pressure washing business was no small feat—you likely tackled the challenge of securing a business loan, crafting a detailed business plan, and assembling the right team. Plus, you invested in all the necessary equipment and supplies. Now, imagine leveraging all that hard work for even greater potential. With a franchise conversion, a lot of the groundwork you’ve laid down can help you move into a window-cleaning franchise. 

The biggest difference is that you offer more services to your customers and have the opportunity to achieve greater economies of scale in your operations and purchasing power in your marketing. This transition builds on your existing foundation while opening doors to new opportunities and markets.


Pressure Washing Services

Common pressure washing services that you probably already offer may include:

  • Deck washing
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Concrete washing
  • Roof washing
  • Siding washing

Window Genie Franchise Services

Now, when you convert to a window cleaning franchise, you can still offer most of those same services. Your service menu will just expand to give you more revenue streams. With a Window Genie franchise, you can add:

  • Interior/Exterior window cleaning
  • Screen cleaning
  • Solar panel cleaning
  • Window frame cleaning
  • Sill/track cleaning
  • Window tinting
  • Pressure washing: siding, concrete, decks, and more
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Holiday Lighting

By integrating these new services into your business, you can capitalize on business beyond window cleaning. On top of that, you have most of the knowledge you need to do these services, making the conversion easier than if you tried to start your own window cleaning business from scratch.


Converting to a Window Genie Franchise Business

Running your own pressure washing business is rewarding, but expanding your market and enhancing your brand’s recognition on your own can be tough. Converting to a Window Genie franchise can streamline your operation and help accelerate your growth. 

You’ll expand your service offerings and revenue streams while gaining access to comprehensive marketing support under a nationally recognized brand. Transitioning into a Window Genie franchise can be much simpler than it sounds, paving the way for a more robust business model. Download our free guide for more information on the Window Genie franchise brand. If you’re ready to explore how a franchise conversion could transform your business, don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly franchise developers today.


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