Starting a business can be equally stressful and exciting. It’s easy to become quickly overwhelmed once you begin sorting out the logistics of getting your concept up and running. Between the financing, as well as time and experience needed, opening an independent business isn’t always a viable option for some entrepreneurs.

That’s why you should consider franchising before opening your own company. Here are three benefits that opening a franchise has over starting an independent concept.

1. Proven Business Model

Opening a franchise offers you a chance to own and operate your own company with a business concept that has been proven to work.

Franchises have a better chance at succeeding than independent businesses. Concepts that decide to begin franchising have to show a certain level of success and scalability before expanding and selling more locations. By the time a concept is ready to franchise, it has established a proven, replicable and profitable business model for franchisees to follow.

When you buy a franchise, you know you have a business that can work and serve as a blueprint for success.

2. Built-In Brand Awareness

One of the hardest aspects of starting an independent business is marketing and building community awareness. Letting people know there’s a new business in town and educating them on your mission and services can be extremely time consuming and expensive. When you are trying to build your brand reputation, operating your business at the same time can seem impossible.

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If you open a franchise, you are opening a business that has already built their brand awareness. You are given a head-start on marketing your company, since your franchisor likely already covers ongoing national marketing initiatives. This can save you thousands of dollars and allow you to focus on building your business in other ways.

Beginning a business with built-in brand awareness also means that some people already know about your company – even before you open. You are expected to meet a company-wide standard of product or service, which can result in interested prospects right away. It’s also much easier to receive referrals, since other companies are familiar with your business and your brand’s quality of work.

Opening a franchise doesn’t just save you money, but it also helps generate business.

3. Corporate Support at Every Turn

Marketing support isn’t all you get with a franchise. When you are operating a franchise, you can expect corporate support at every turn. In addition to marketing and advertising support, you will also receive training and ongoing consultation, about anything from advice regarding technical processes to scheduling appointments.

Harold Burt

As one of the leading home service franchises, Dryer Vent Wizard has everything you could want in a franchisor. Not only do we offer the proven business model, brand awareness and corporate support that the best franchises do, but we also dominate an underserved industry: dryer vent cleaning and maintenance.

Dryer vent cleaning is one of the easiest ways to prevent home fires, and becoming a Dryer Vent Wizard franchisee means you’re making communities safer across the country.

Do you want to learn more about franchising with Dryer Vent Wizard? Contact us today!

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