There are many common misperceptions about franchise ownership. One of these is that people often think franchises are owned by large, national corporations. However, the fact is that many franchise businesses like those at Dryer Vent Wizard are actually small local businesses, independently owned and operated by people who are also members of the communities they serve.

Franchise owners are small business owners who are wholly responsible for the success and quality of their business. But franchise owners are also small business owners who have access to many of the advantages of larger businesses, getting an established brand name, training and support, and much more. Because these advantages may lead the general public to form misperceptions, it’s important to learn the realities of franchise business ownership.

Franchises Are Small Local Businesses

By definition, a franchise is a type of licensing agreement that gives a business owner access to the franchisor’s brand name, processes, systems, trademarks, and more. The vast majority of franchise businesses are local small businesses. And most franchise business owners are local entrepreneurs who often live and work near the areas their businesses serve. As a franchise business, these small local businesses are independently owned and operated.

Under their franchise agreement, they are awarded the right to use a franchisor’s branding and systems, but it is up to the franchisee to manage their business and employees, as well as provide high-quality services to customers in their service area.

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Franchise Owners Are Small Business Owners

One challenge that franchise owners often face is the perception that their businesses aren’t small businesses. This is mostly due to their affiliation with a corporate entity and brand. But because each franchise business is independently owned, often by local entrepreneurs, it’s important to encourage support for franchise businesses the same way we would any other small business.

Small businesses are the backbone of most communities. They provide high levels of economic value to the towns and cities in which they are located. Because franchise businesses are typically small businesses, as a franchise business owner you will likely become an integral part of your local economy, supplying essential services and employing community members.

Many people choose a franchise business because it allows you to form a direct path toward your  goals and dreams. But others choose to become a franchise business owner because it will allow you to contribute helpfully to your own community. No matter what your reasons are, franchising makes it possible, one of many distinct advantages over starting your own business from scratch.

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Franchise Businesses and Community

Now, more than ever, it is important to support small business owners of all kinds to keep our communities thriving. As small business owners, franchises like Dryer Vent Wizard help the local community in many ways. For example, franchisees pay local taxes that support schools, road repairs, and emergency services. Franchise businesses also become employers, creating jobs for community members.

As a franchise business offering an essential service, you are also directly contributing to the health and safety of community members. People need safe, comfortable homes, something that franchise businesses in the service industry are uniquely situated to help provide. In these ways, franchise businesses contribute directly to your community and to a stronger local economy.

But many franchise business owners contribute to the well-being of their communities in other ways as well. For example, as a small business owner, you will have many opportunities to support local charity organizations, schools, youth activities, and more. Local business associations are also a great place for franchise owners to band together and become a presence at charity events, neighborhood celebrations, youth sports – the list of opportunities to get involved and give back is a long one.

While gaining recognition as a small business owner may be a challenge, still, one of the best ways to become an essential member of your local community is to choose to start a Dryer Vent Wizard franchise business. As you show your neighbors and customers everything your independently owned franchise has to offer, you can not only achieve your own goals and dreams, but help make life better for others as well.

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