Facebook Price Range for Property Management Companies

Have you recently received a message from Facebook informing you with a suggested price range? Not sure what this is? Maintaining a quality Facebook presence is necessary for today’s business environment, and this article describes what the Facebook Price Range is and how property management companies should address.

What Is It?

If you list a price range, then the Facebook Price Range appears in the About section of your Facebook Company Page. It displays an overall price range for your business as a whole in comparison to competitors. Options are for a single $ sign, or multiple $ signs to show whether your business is an inexpensive, moderately priced, or expensive compared to your competitors. You can also choose Unspecified, and this should remove the Price Range info from your Facebook company page.




The Facebook Price Range feature might make sense for restaurants as customers may want to know the price range relative to other restaurants before visiting. However, for a property management company, it’s more likely to confuse visitors because it’s not clear to visitors what the price range refers to – it could be rent amount or property management fees. Additionally, many Real Property Management offices use pricing tiers or service options that affect the price. So, the same office could be inexpensive, average or high priced depending on the services requested by the investor. It’s also not clear what the specific monetary value between $, $$, $$$, $$$$ means.

Based on the above, we advise that you remove the Facebook Price Range feature from your Company Page. To do this, follow one of the below methods.

Email from Facebook

You may have received an email from Facebook stating that the information for your page is inaccurate or out of date, providing you with a suggested price range, and asking you to verify information by a certain date or the change would automatically occur. Click on the Review Page Info link, which will take you to your Facebook page information, similar to the below screenshot. Click on the Reject link to reject the suggested change.




From Your Company Page

If you have not received a message from Facebook, but wish to remove the Price Range from your page, go to your Facebook Company page and click on About below your page name. Go to the BUSINESS INFO section, and hover your cursor until an Edit link appears. Click on the Edit link. This will bring up a pop window and you can select Unspecified.

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