Career Change for Teachers: Exploring Opportunities Outside of Education

Teaching is often a lifelong calling, marked by the fulfillment of seeing students succeed. However, many teachers reach a point where they crave change, driven by various factors like burnout, greater earning potential, a change in life goals, or the desire to diversify career experience. Suppose you are a teacher contemplating a career pivot. In that case, there are many opportunities where your teaching skills and knowledge are valuable and transferable, particularly when applied to running your own business.


Why Teachers Seek Change 

The path of a teacher is often filled with moments of deep satisfaction and purpose. Yet, this fulfilling career can also bring significant challenges. Among these is the job compensation level: 66% of U.S. teachers feel their salaries don't reflect their hard work, compared to the 39% dissatisfaction rate among other working adults. This income gap leads many educators to search for roles that recognize and reward their dedication and skills more fairly.

In addition to financial concerns, burnout is a prevalent factor influencing teachers' career choices. In the U.S., 44% of K -12 workers experience frequent burnout, a rate that eclipses other industries. Even among college and university staff, the burnout rate is alarmingly high at 35%, placing educators among the most stressed professionals nationwide.

This situation is a catalyst for change for many, steering them away from traditional educational roles and towards new opportunities. These alternate paths can provide a change of pace, new challenges, and a chance to rediscover one's passion outside the conventional classroom setting.


From Teacher to Entrepreneur

As a teacher, your creative mindset is a testament to your potential. Have you ever considered channeling your entrepreneurial spirit into a business? If the satisfaction in your teaching role is waning, launching a small business could be the positive change you're looking for.

Let's explore why the leap from teaching to business ownership is worth considering.


Transferable Skills

Transitioning to alternative jobs for teachers doesn't mean a drastic change. Understandably, leaving a profession you've dedicated yourself to can feel like abandoning hard-earned skills. The wealth of skills acquired in education—from robust communication and organization to leadership and problem-solving—are invaluable assets in the business world. These skills are the foundation of entrepreneurship, positioning teachers to adeptly tackle the challenges and opportunities of leading and establishing their own business.


Passion for Making a Difference

A career change for teachers means aligning work with personal passions. Many teachers carry a profound desire to make a positive impact. Entrepreneurship opens a new avenue to fulfill this passion. Whether providing essential services, generating job opportunities, or contributing to community growth, owning a business enables you to continue making meaningful differences in a new way.


Financial Growth Potential

While teaching is undoubtedly rewarding, it often comes with modest financial rewards. The average salary for teachers ranges from $36,831 to $47,145, with the median at $40,944. In contrast, the average small business owner in the U.S. earns about $80,467. While not without risks, business ownership is ripe with opportunities for financial growth. The potential earnings can be influenced by factors such as the chosen industry and whether you start a new business or invest in a franchise.


Flexibility & Autonomy

The life of a teacher often involves long hours, both in and out of the classroom. Starting a business, though demanding, offers the much-needed flexibility to craft a work-life balance tailored to your needs, helping prevent burnout. Unlike the fixed schedules of traditional teaching, running your own business means setting a timetable that fits your lifestyle, allowing a more effective balance between professional commitments and personal life.


Home Services Franchising: A Gateway for Change

One way for teachers to transition to business ownership more quickly is through franchising. Given the growth in demand and business potential, the home services industry is a solid sector to consider for teachers seeking career changes and new opportunities. Success in a home services franchise relies on transferring knowledge and a service mindset to customers and coaching and developing a team to perform services and impact your community. In other words, many of the same skills homed in in the classroom transfer to the boardroom.

Home services, focused on addressing essential needs for homeowners and small businesses, remain in demand even during economic downturns, making it appealing as a recession-resilient industry. This stability in demand for these services presents a promising opportunity for those transitioning from teaching, potentially offering more significant earnings. Moreover, many of these businesses operate on home-based business models, which can help you get started more easily and without excessive overhead. This aspect introduces an attractive level of flexibility, allowing you to tailor your work-life balance. 


Home Services Franchising: Best Career Change for Teachers?

The home service industry offers several compelling franchise niches that can be good career changes for teachers.


Home Restoration

Home restoration represents an impactful business opportunity within the home services sector. This field is a natural fit for teachers looking to make a tangible difference in the community. It's about bringing homes back to life, especially in the aftermath of disasters, where your efforts directly contribute to community healing and rebuilding. In home restoration, every project is an opportunity to touch lives—much like teaching, but in a different and equally rewarding context.

Find out more about starting a home restoration franchise by downloading the Rainbow Restoration franchise guide


Custom Home Storage Solutions

Custom home storage solutions for businesses is another area where a teacher's organizational skills shine. Businesses here combine creativity with practicality to tailor storage solutions to meet unique homeowner needs. Teachers, known for their exceptional organizational capabilities, can excel in designing personalized storage systems, enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of living spaces. This transition allows teachers to apply their classroom skills in a new, fulfilling way.

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Property Management

Property management can be a very compelling business for teachers. It involves overseeing residential or commercial properties, requiring a diverse set of skills that teachers possess. Teachers can leverage their communication, problem-solving, and organizational abilities, from managing tenant relations to handling maintenance. A property management business can offer a dynamic environment where teachers can apply their classroom management skills to a new setting, managing properties and ensuring tenant and investor satisfaction.

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