Mr. Handyman Franchise Has Them Living Their Dream

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In 2009, Wayne and Kim Owczarzak joined the hundreds of Mr. Handyman franchisees to start their very own Mr. Handyman business. The Chicago suburbs couple has experienced their share of challenges and successes, and has used their company, Mr. Handyman of Wheaton-Hinsdale, to touch the lives of those within their business and in their neighborhood.

Overcoming Business Challenges in a Franchise

Every business faces bumps in the road, but with dedication and hard work, those bumps can be overcome and your business may be better for it. “The challenges change with time,” Wayne explained. “At first, our biggest challenge was getting the phone to ring. Then it was finding the right technicians for our business. Now it is keeping our techs busy in the winter months, which is our slow time. Overall, it is just keeping all the aspects of the business running properly and continuing to improve and grow.” Wayne and Kim are doing just that, operating their business which now has multiple trucks and a full staff.

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One of the major benefits of franchising, is the assistance and resources the Owczarzaks receive from Dwyer Group. “Support from the home-office is really important to all the franchise owners,” said Kim, “and is one of the primary reasons why we purchased a franchise. From the variety of support you can get from your business development liaison to marketing programs, technology support, and at times, just someone to lean on for advice, has all helped us in our journey over the years.”

Success with Community Roots

In addition to backing from the franchise, Kim and Wayne also enjoy the opportunity to connect to their community through Mr. Handyman. “Some days I think we could write a book on customer stories,” Kim reminisced. “On an annual basis, we participate in the National Day of Service where we provide one day of service to an organization. Last year, we provided a local Disabled Veterans and Homeless Shelter our day of service. Meeting the members of the organizations and the individuals who receive services really make you understand why we do what we do.”

Wayne also felt the impact of the National Day of Service within their Mr. Handyman family. “Every year I am amazed at how willing all of our employees are to donate their time for people in need,” he added. “Seeing the appreciation from the charity or family toward our employees, and the joy they get out of the experience is a wonderful thing.”

Making the Leap, and Advice for Others

For the Owczarzaks, going into business was a careful decision. “If you have a solid plan of where Franchising: A Path to Your Futureyou want to be in five or ten years, but know you need a little help in getting there, then a franchise has the missing pieces to your puzzle and can help you realize your dream,” Wayne advised.

For potential franchise owners, Kim advised willingness and openness. “Each and every day of owning a franchise is filled with new learning, both personal and professional,” she explained. “It is very exciting to see our business grow and tackle the challenges that come our way.” Wayne agreed nearly verbatim: “Seeing the business grow and having it develop into the vision you have for it is very rewarding.”