6 Reasons To Start a Lawn Care Business With Lawn Pride

In an era where a home’s looks and value intertwine, lawn care has become an indispensable service. Because of this, you may be looking at capitalizing on this growing opportunity by starting businesses that provide services for this growing market. But instead of starting from scratch, many in your situation turn to  franchise businesses that cater to the market. Lawn Pride is a franchise business that is growing nationally, and starting your own business in the lawn care industry with Lawn Pride can give you a sense of accomplishment and autonomy in what you do and how you support your community while offering potential financial rewards as well.

Imagine transitioning from your current role to owning a business where your efforts beautify neighborhoods and secure financial independence. If the call of the great outdoors and an entrepreneurial spirit speaks to you, franchising with Lawn Pride, a Neighborly company, could be your next professional path. Here, we’ll discuss what it means to start a lawn care franchise and why you should choose Lawn Pride.


The Lucrative Landscape of Lawn Care Franchises

Property owners actively seek ways to enhance and preserve their investments in the current real estate climate. Lawn care is a thriving sector, with 82% of American homeowners investing more in their outdoor living space than ever. Lawn care business ventures, especially outdoor franchises like Lawn Pride, offer more than a routine job. They are an opportunity for continuous income, evidenced by a striking statistic: 74% of their business comes from repeat customers in the U.S. That is a lucrative business model.

You will find a rare blend of financial promise and personal satisfaction with a lawn care franchise. You’re not just investing in a business—you’re buying into a lifestyle where you can spend quality time with your family and build a growing enterprise. Lawn care franchises provide a solid foundation for growth. They also represent innovative outdoor business ideas for people eager to start a lawn care business. You will have the opportunity to profit more than just monetarily, as you’ll profit with your family, too, since you get an outstanding work-life balance. This model has proven to thrive, making it a preferred choice for aspiring entrepreneurs.


6 Reasons To Start a Lawn Pride Franchise

We’ve covered why choosing a Lawn Pride franchise journey opens doors to an industry full of opportunity and growth, but let’s outline some of the specific advantages. Below are six compelling reasons why starting a Lawn Pride franchise can be a game-changer in your entrepreneurial life.


1. Lawn Pride Has an Established Reputation

Launching a business with Lawn Pride means you’re starting on solid ground. Lawn Pride is more than a name, with over 40 years of delivering top-tier services, and now, as part of the expanding Neighborly family, Lawn Pride’s reach and resources are constantly growing, offering you a significant advantage in the market. You can shift your focus from trying to be known to expanding your customer base by leveraging a recognizable brand name with an expanding presence in the industry.  


2. You Get a Tried-and-True Business Plan

With Lawn Pride, you don’t need prior experience to succeed. Your business is built on a robust infrastructure. When you start a franchise business with Lawn Pride, you have access to dedicated operational support, a prescriptive marketing plan, and a community of businessmen and women whom you know you can trust to collaborate with. That gives you the ability to operate efficiently from the get-go. The backing of Lawn Pride and Neighborly means you’re supported every step of the way with a clear, actionable business plan. This support network ensures you’re not just opening a business but steering a proven success story.


3. Service Diversification With Great Earning Potential

Outdoor franchises propel you into a recession-resilient industry full of possibilities for service diversification and earning potential.

  • You gain access to a broad spectrum of lawn care services beyond mowing. You get to cater to varied client needs.
  • Your business can thrive on upselling and cross-selling, unlocking various revenue streams within the lawn care industry.
  • Lawn Pride’s comprehensive support system fuels your growth, giving you everything you need to excel.

Franchising with Lawn Pride is more than investing in a business. You’re cultivating a thriving enterprise with dynamic revenue opportunities.


4. Training Is Included!

With Lawn Pride, training is included. You get the knowledge and skills to run your business efficiently, even if you don’t have previous experience. This comprehensive training, a hallmark of Neighborly’s franchise opportunities, prepares you to tackle the challenges of the lawn care industry head-on. You’ll benefit from both startup training and ongoing training & support, giving you a continuous learning journey. 

You even get the opportunity to meet and learn from other Lawn Pride franchise owners through field training programs. They can give you tips that only insiders know. This consistent guidance and education path paves the way for your success in the Lawn Pride franchise system.


5. You’ll Have Flexibility

A Lawn Pride franchise is where flexibility meets autonomy and support, empowering you to balance work and life.

  • Tailor your work-life balance with a business model that breathes flexibility.
  • Scale your operations seasonally so you can grow at a pace that aligns with your lifestyle.
  • Operate from the comfort of your home, leading your lawn care business in the most comfortable environment for you.
  • Utilize cutting-edge, technology-driven tools that streamline remote management, keeping you agile and proactive in the ever-evolving outdoor business landscape.

6. You Won’t Be Alone

With a Lawn Pride franchise, you’re not just buying into a business but joining a community. This means stepping into a network of franchise owners, each with stories and experiences to share. Dedicated experts like a Sure Start Consultant and a Franchise Business Coach support your journey. You have guidance available every step of the way. Being part of the NBLY family of brands connects you to a wealth of resources, from marketing insights to operational strategies designed to help you succeed in the lawn care franchise world. With Lawn Pride, you have the tools and support to build a successful and sustainable business in the long run.


Start a Lawn Care Business the Smart Way

With Lawn Pride, you’re not alone. The grass is truly greener, with a team of experienced professionals guiding you at every turn, along with a network of other owners to tap into for advice and to exchange success tips. We are here to illuminate your path so your venture into the lawn care industry can be both rewarding and sustainable. To start this promising journey and get detailed insights, download the franchise guide and discover how to grow with Lawn Pride.

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