How to Know When to Quit Your Job, and Then Do It

You know the feeling. You may even be experiencing it now. When the familiar routine of your current job no longer aligns with your aspirations and your enthusiasm or “get up and go” left a long time ago.

Deciding to quit your job and pursue other options is a significant step, one that requires thoughtful consideration and logistical planning. Here are a few steps to help determine when to quit your job—and how to finally do it.


Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Job

It’s a more common situation than you think. In 2023, 67% of employees reported that they didn’t feel appreciated at work. It’s that feeling on Sunday night that you are burned out, have a hard time facing another week on the job, and are just performing a routine instead of pursuing a meaningful career. Rather than merely trusting your gut, here are some more definitive ways to know it’s time to look for a more rewarding and challenging vocation:


Persistent Job Dissatisfaction

If the once-enthusiastic spark for your job has changed to persistent dissatisfaction, it's a sign that something needs to change. This dissatisfaction can arise from some of these top reasons why employees want to quit: toxic workplace culture, feeling undervalued, too much stress, a bad boss, misaligned values, inflexible hours, and an increased need for benefits. HR experts suggest speaking with your supervisor or HR department to see if the issue can be resolved or if you need a career change.


Lack of Growth Opportunities

Another reason for change is that your professional development has plateaued.

Ask yourself where you see yourself professionally in the upcoming years.

Then take a hard look at your current job to see if your current role no longer challenges you or offers opportunities to acquire new skills.

If it doesn't contribute to the trajectory you envision (whether it's leadership roles, entrepreneurial ventures, or industry influence), it's time to reassess your career path. If you aren’t sure what your future path looks like, start with this exercise to help put your goals, professional career, and relationships into perspective.


Insufficient Autonomy and Work/Life Balance

In a 2023 survey by the American Psychological Association, one-third of workers said they don't have sufficient control over when, where, and how they do their work.

 According to the same survey, nearly 70% of workers report that not having the ability to keep their work and life in balance has a negative impact on their mental health. If you crave the autonomy to make decisions about your work, traditional employment may not provide you the independence you want.


Limited Growth in Earnings

Working for someone else is typically accompanied by an earning cap. As you analyze your current employment and start to design your life with intention, you’re likely to find that a traditional job can keep you from the future you want by preventing you from reaching your financial objectives. If you have goals of attending college, are looking at retirement, or just want to add an exotic destination to your travel, your current position just may not cut it.


Seriously Ask Yourself, Could a New Job Help to Solve This?

Deliberate introspection should cause you to question your motivations and career progress, asking yourself, “Should I quit my job?” “Is there a more prosperous and fulfilling position elsewhere?

Once you’ve answered “Now!” to the question, “When is it time to quit my job?”, you can now look at how to build a life outside of traditional employment.


How to Quit Your Job and Become a Franchise Entrepreneur

A 2022 McKinsey study reports that nearly a third of employees who quit a job did so to start a new business. Franchises make a great investment, with 85% of them successful after five years compared to only 50% of non-franchise small businesses. Here are some of the ways those seeking a professional change might explore a similar path.


Understand the Franchise Business Model

There are several common myths about starting and running a local franchise business. From the fear that a franchise won’t give you free time to being certain that you need to be an expert before you start a franchise, these myths are easily debunked.

Another top myth about the franchise business model is that you need a lot of money to get started. This is sometimes not the case and dependent on the type of business. Some franchises are home-based and some are focused in areas like home services where the growth potential is high but the investment ranges are relatively lower when compared with concepts that have large overhead or equipment needs. Plus, there are a variety of financing programs that can help you get your own business started.


Evaluate Franchise Opportunities

You’ll need to take time to evaluate franchise opportunities, an effort that is much easier when you have a trusted guide who helps you understand the most important things to evaluate. Neighborly® offers a range of franchise opportunities focused in the lucrative home services space and has developed the expertise to guide entrepreneurs through the mutual evaluation process, including discovering a franchise’s history, experience, and culture as well as understanding available territories, professional growth potential, supplier relations, organizational support, and more.


Get Support from Experts

At Neighborly, our home service industry experts have “been there and done that” and can offer helpful advice on how to quit your job and become an entrepreneur.

We’ll be by your side with support and training from the time you get your business started throughout the life of your business.


Learn More About How to Quit Your Job and Start a Franchise

Knowing when to quit your job and where to go next requires a lot of soul-searching and research. Neighborly can help. First, check out our Franchise Ownership Guide. Next, explore our home service industry brands in cleaning and organization; outdoor services; HVAC, electrical, and plumbing; windows, glass, and doors; maintenance and repair; and professional and specialized services.

Finally, take the Find Your Brand Quiz and answer a few quick questions to narrow down these brands to help you find the ones that could be your future.


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