One of the perks of our seasonal business is most Mosquito Joe franchisees have the ability to take time off during the fall and winter months. With the exception of our most southern locations, franchisees have around five months of autonomy. So you might be wondering, what do Mosquito Joe franchisees do with their time when outdoor pests aren’t biting? Great question! We’ve gathered up some of the most common ways Mosquito Joe franchise owners spend their time during the off-season.


After a rigorous season of making outside fun again for their communities, franchisees are due for some well-deserved time off. Because prime mosquito season is during the heat of the summer, many franchisees miss taking trips to the beach. The off-season is the ideal time to vacation in tropical locations. Our franchisees have had the opportunity to soak up the sun in the Caribbean, Bermuda, Tahiti and Turks and Caicos. Conversely, some franchisees take to the mountains for a little ski, snowboarding and snow tubing fun. Then again, some just enjoy a little rest and relaxation at home with their families and pets.


Philanthropy and giving back is at the core of the Mosquito Joe business model. We encourage franchisees to participate in our MoJo Bites Back and Beat the Bloodsuckers campaigns that raise awareness about the importance of mosquito control. Many franchisees go above this and utilize their time off to volunteer in their communities for causes they’re passionate about. Whether it is working with local humane societies, Boy and Girl Scout troops, homeless shelters or veteran groups, our franchisees donate their time back to a community who supports their businesses.

Work in Another Industry  

When mosquito pressure decreases, many franchisees return to other occupations. IT professionals, teachers, military personnel, firefighters and those with other expertise make up our franchise system. While some of their Mosquito Joe businesses are paused over the winter, a few franchise partners take advantage of the cold weather. Hanging holiday lights, shoveling snow from pathways, driveways and parking lots and working as seasonal employees in retail stores are options that keep franchisees busy. Some are even multi-business owners!

Professional Growth

Off-season is the perfect time to renew licenses or obtain new certifications. Having the time to study and take preparation courses allows franchisees to advance their professional development. Each year, franchisees have the opportunity to connect and network at our annual Mosquito Joe Convention in Cancun. They are able to learn from each other, as well as swap tips and best practices. Additionally, some franchisees take seminars, read books on business or take the time to nurture their professional network and connections.

Prep for Next Season

Running a business can get hectic. There are so many moving parts franchisees must be aware of in order for their Mosquito Joe to be successful. The off-season allows franchisees to take care of various administrative tasks. They are able to renew their vehicle registration, do any necessary transit or equipment maintenance, purchase new materials and hire and train new staff. Additionally, this is a great time to update budgets and marketing plans. During this time, franchisees are able to connect with their fellow Neighborly brands so they can collaborate and strategize co-op efforts for next year.

If operating a seasonal business and taking advantage of these great off-season opportunities interests you, consider joining our franchise family! 

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