The Hidden Opportunity: Home Services Franchise Ownership for Real Estate Professionals

Featured image: The Hidden Opportunity Webinar Graphic. - The Hidden Opportunity: Home Services Franchise Ownership for Real Estate Professionals

Real estate is a people business. Real estate professionals are often driven and possess excellent leadership and communication skills. These same personality traits and qualities are also found among successful franchise owners, and pair well with franchises that focus on home services, since working with customers and leading teams is crucial to success. After all, the demand for home services is strong. From plumbing and lawn care to painting and cleaning, the home services industry is driven by growing and consistent customer needs.  Real estate professionals who enjoy not only interacting with their clients but also the thrill of helping them build wealth or care for their homes can find the freedom to be their own boss with the support of a franchise system through home services franchise ownership.


Why Real Estate Professionals Should Consider a Home Services Franchise

With rising interest rates having cooled the home-buying frenzy somewhat, many homeowners are choosing to stay in their homes rather than move. The implications are compelling for businesses that provide needed services to these customers. Homes will still require upkeep, enhancement, preventative measures, and maintenance, which will continue to drive demand for home service companies, including a wide range of franchises within the home service industry

Many are noticing the business opportunities arising from these trends. According to estimates from the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO), more than 3 million people hold active real estate licenses in the United States. These real estate professionals can take advantage of the booming home services industry. The home improvement segment has been growing for a decade, doubling in size since 2008, and is projected to exceed $600 billion by 2025. The home services industry incorporates landscaping, plumbing, painting, window treatments, professional cleaning services, handyman services, property management, and more. 


Starting a Home Services Business with Neighborly

The home services industry continues to grow, and owning a franchise specializing in home repair, maintenance, or enhancement offers budding or established entrepreneurs intriguing growth opportunities. Plenty of great companies with established brands, proven processes, and quality products or services.

Neighborly has more than a dozen types of home services franchises, ranging across six categories. This network of brands offers prospective franchise owners a wide range of choices while providing them opportunities to leverage Neighborly brands’ training and support, technological tools, and world-class branded marketing. 

Being part of a family of brands like Neighborly allows for working together to reduce costs, make a more significant impact with advertising, and react quickly to changing consumer habits. When you open a franchise with Neighborly, we will train you and ensure you have everything you need for long-term success. Neighborly brands provide new franchise owners with:

  • Marketing strategy and materials 
  • Operational/business support 
  • Proven business models 
  • Networking opportunities
  • Reputation management
  • Exclusive access to ProTradeNet® (PTN) 

These benefits can give franchisees an advantage over competitors in the marketplace.


Real Property Management Helps Customers

With over a third of the nation’s households renting, America is becoming a “renter nation”. As more people rent and more property owners prefer a hands-off approach to their investments, more hard-working entrepreneurs can capitalize on these trends and grow their success through property management. All they need is a proven system and the drive to succeed.

Real Property Management is a Neighborly franchise that strives to build a service community that enriches people’s lives by delivering exceptional experiences. Across the United States, Real Property Management independently owned and operated franchises manage over 70,000 properties, with over two-thirds belonging to intentional investors. Many of these investors have the same purpose, wealth generation. These intentional investors want to continue to add to their investment portfolio and seek assistance to help them manage that property, qualify the right tenants, ensure they get the proper lease rates for their rental, and help enforce compliance if necessary. They also understand the need and value of having a trusted property management company to help them optimize their return on investment and manage their property assets. 

At Real Property Management, our franchise owners are intelligent, successful businesspeople ready to build a business and a legacy. 


Neighborly Can Help Real Estate Professionals Start Their Own Franchise Business

There is no shortage of great companies with established brands, proven processes, and quality products or services at Neighborly, including Real Property Management, America’s largest property management franchise organization. 

Neighborly is here to help people considering the path of business ownership by providing aspiring entrepreneurs with valuable information and insights to help them decide to pursue the dream of business ownership.

If this has piqued your interest, be sure to watch our Franchise Readiness webinar series on-demand to learn more about if business ownership is right for you, or talk to one of our franchise developers today. 

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