In the franchising space, multi-business ownership used to be a rarity. But, over the past ten years, multi-business franchisees have increasingly become the norm – and they now own more than half of all franchises in the United States.

Along with the shift toward multi-business ownership, more franchisees are choosing to expand their portfolios by also becoming multi-brand franchisees, too.

Fortunately for us – and you – the home services industry is the perfect segment to search for complementary brands. Here are some reasons why Dryer Vent Wizard is a great complementary brand to add to your home service franchise portfolio:

Expand in a Growing Industry

Currently, maintenance and repair service franchises represent the most profitable, fastest-growing opportunities in the broader home services industry. Good news if your existing brand is a maintenance and repair franchise – you’re already part of this growing segment. And, if you’re looking to widen your reach and capitalize on the favorable industry, now’s the time. Expanding with a complementary home services franchise concept like Dryer Vent Wizard is the natural next step.

Not only are we part of this rapidly-growing industry, our brand has also seen impressive gains since our establishment in 2006. In 2016, we had more than $15 million in sales. But, with 85 percent of U.S. households using a dryer, we’ve just barely scratched the surface in this expansive, untapped market.

Dryer Vent Wizard van parked in front of a house

More Services Mean More Profits

While some people prefer to stay under one brand umbrella, diversifying actually makes much more sense. With a complementary business, you won’t have to work to generate different leads for the same service, or try to understand a completely new target demographic. After you’re done with your housework or repair with one business, wouldn’t it be great to ask your customer if they need their dryer vent cleaned?

Not only is this a built-in marketing opportunity with the right target demographic, but it will position you as a trustworthy and capable source for multiple home needs. You maximize your profits by leveraging this multi-brand interplay, having more services to offer your customer. For the convenience-driven consumer, there’s really nothing better than a one-stop-shop for all their maintenance needs – that comes right to their home.

tech examining a dryer

No Experience? No Problem.

If you’re nervous to break into a new specialty, don’t be. Dryer Vent Wizard’s ongoing training and support is all you’ll need to get up and running successfully – and stay that way. Our Wizard University program includes easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions for various jobs you’ll encounter at homes or businesses. We’ll also give you flat-rate pricing books, comprehensive marketing support as well as social media, public relations and scheduling support.

What could be better than having built-in leads for your new business? Having built-in leads and having their appointments scheduled for you. Customers simply dial up our call center and talk to one of our representatives – who then answers questions and books appointments. The representative will book them for the nearest Dryer Vent Wizard to their home or business. All you have to do is check our web-based scheduling system to manage your weekly calendar.

women working in office cubicles

Adding Dryer Vent Wizard to your portfolio is a great way to expand your footprint as a business owner. The trick is investing in a brand that will complement your existing business and offer you different ways to cross-promote your services. You work hard for your business – why not make your businesses also work for you?

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