When Family Doesn’t Support Your Dream of Business Ownership

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holding hands.jpgWhen you start your own company, you expect to come up against a number of different business challenges. However, one of the hurdles you might not have expected is a lack of support from your family.

Do you trust their opinion or do you follow your heart? How can you continue with your entrepreneurial idea without sacrificing these relationships?

Overcome Business Challenges by Understanding Your Goals

Before you try and win your family over, you need to be firm on your business goals. Having this focus will keep you grounded, and will make it easier for you to overcome any challenges you may face, including lack of support from family members.

Put together a firm action plan so you can get the ball rolling and give yourself a confidence boost. Equally, if you are entering into a franchise, familiarize yourself with your franchisor’s plan before tackling your family members.

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Put Yourself in Their Shoes

As the entrepreneur in this situation, you might be wondering why you have to work around your family members rather than the other way round. However, putting yourself in their shoes will enable you to gain perspective on their negative thoughts.

For example, does your spouse oppose because they are worried your business won’t succeed and you will struggle to get a job afterwards? Or are your friends just a little bit envious? Nobody’s perfect, so try to be the bigger person who bridges the gap between your differences.

Furthermore, if understanding their perspective does throw some concerns over your business idea, don’t ignore them. Perhaps their negativity is founded and you should listen to their advice.

Don’t Argue and Set Boundaries

At the beginning, don’t try and convince your family members you are right and they are wrong. This may cause arguments, which can make things much more difficult in the long run. Instead, you’ll be better-off focusing on what they are able to relate to, such as why you feel this is an unmissable opportunity.

It is also a good idea to create clear boundaries so you and your family know what is acceptable when you are communicating. For example, you might want to make it clear you won’t accept any negative response to your business. Even though they might not support you, that doesn’t mean you should accept their discouragements, either.

Find Support from Elsewhere

As an entrepreneur, you should be incredibly self-motivated and you should be confident in your own skills and abilities. However, everyone needs support, and if you are just not getting this from your family, try to find people who will support you.

You might want to start networking with other entrepreneurs, or you could reach out to friends and family who are on your side. Equally, those who are already running a successful business will be able to provide you with key levels of support.

Even though your family and friends may not understand your entrepreneurial vision, this does not mean your business isn’t going to succeed. In fact, by facing these business challenges, it will help make your company and belief even stronger.