3 Pest Control Industry Trends For 2024

From eco-friendly pest control to new technology, regulations, and shifting consumer preferences, a variety of trends have the potential to significantly impact the pest control industry. If you own a pest control business or are looking to get started, staying current on the latest industry trends is critical. Learn more about top pest control trends to help map your business strategy and set your business up for success.



1. Eco-Friendly Pest Control

Pesticides are no longer regarded as the only solution for pest control companies. As more and more homeowners, property managers, and pest control companies begin to understand the effects of pesticides, alternatives are increasingly used to reduce the impact of common pest control methods. Eco-friendly pest control is a strategy that incorporates natural and non-toxic methods as part of an integrated program to control pests. 

Eco-friendly pest control methods include a range of techniques such as non-toxic, natural-based pesticides, physical barriers such as screens, nets, and sealing of entry points to prevent pest entry into buildings and mitigating the lifecycle of the pest itself. These methods are targeted and focused on the specific type of pest, minimizing the risk to non-target species and reducing the environmental impact.



2. Preventative Pest Control Treatments

Effectively controlling pests has become highly valuable for customers and pest control businesses alike. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a pest control approach that is increasingly being used using a combination of techniques to manage pests. In particular, prevention is an essential aspect of IPM and involves removing or reducing the factors that attract pests. This can include eliminating food and water sources, sealing cracks and gaps, and reducing clutter and debris that can provide shelter for pests. By reducing the factors that attract pests, pest control professionals can reduce the need for chemical pesticides. Preventative pest control contracts also potentially generate recurring revenue compared to one-off reactive pest control services. Companies that comply with IPM can be found by using a company that is part of the EPA’s Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Progam.



3. Comprehensive Services

More and more homeowners are looking for comprehensive pest control that effectively handles pest infestations from start to finish. Pest control companies that can offer customized pest control solutions are a modern trend that provides more flexibility for clients. Instead of relying on a one-size-fits-all approach, clients can choose a pest control solution that fits their needs and preferences.

Comprehensive services allow pest control professionals to provide solutions that meet each customer's unique needs and situation. For example, by offering a range of options and tailoring services to each client, one may choose an eco-friendly pest control method. In contrast, a different client may select a speedier treatment.



Capitalize on Pest Control Industry Trends With Mosquito Joe®

The insect segment is the largest revenue-generating segment by pest type. It’s also predicted to grow 5.7% annually through 2032. Mosquito Joe is a Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program (PESP) member focusing on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) prevention methods. 

PESP partners with the EPA to promote and emphasize environmentally conscious pest control services. Mosquito Joe offers comprehensive pest control, specializing in mosquitos, fleas, ticks, gnats, fire ants, and more. Additionally, scientists across the country and the entomologists at Mosquito Joe work regularly to improve technology and their ability to kill and contain mosquitoes.



Get Started with Mosquito Joe

The increased focus on eco-friendly pest control solutions, technology-enabled pest control, and comprehensive pest control services are revolutionizing pest control services. Whether you are interested in starting your own pest control business or expanding an existing one, the future looks bright for the pest control industry. 

With Mosquito Joe, starting a pest control business doesn’t have to be a pest. From operations support to technology training to marketing, Mosquito Joe can help you take advantage of the latest trends in pest control and realize your business ownership dreams. 

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